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Dorothy L Sayers Books in Order (42 Book Series)


Dorothy L Sayers is a series of 42 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 42 books
    1. 20

      Creed or Chaos?

      Dorothy L. Sayers

    2. 24

      Are Women Human?

      Dorothy L. Sayers

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    • What is the order of the Dorothy L. Sayers "Wimsey stories" series books?

      The "Wimsey stories" series is a collection of mystery novels written by Dorothy L. Sayers, featuring the amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey. They are best read in order of publication for the purpose of understanding Lord Peter's development as a character. The first book in the series is "Whose Body?" published in 1923, followed by "Clouds of Witness" and then "Unnatural Death". You can find all the published details on Amazon, Google Play ebooks, or Barnes and Noble.

    • How can I keep track of the Dorothy L. Sayers books I've read?

      A great way to keep track of the Dorothy L. Sayers books you've read, and want to read, is by using an app or online tool that allows you to shelf rate your books. This way, you can always remember which of the cozy mystery novels featuring Lord Peter Wimsey you've delved into, and which ones are still waiting for your reading pleasure.

    • Can I find the Dorothy L. Sayers novels about Lord Peter Wimsey on Amazon or Google Play?

      Yes, you can. Both Amazon and Google Play offer Dorothy L. Sayers books featuring Lord Peter Wimsey. You can also find these books, in both fiction and mystery sections, on other platforms such as Apple's iBooks, Barnes and Noble's Nook, and the Noble Google Play ebooks store.

    • Where can I find a list of the Sayers books in order, featuring Lord Peter Wimsey?

      You can find a list of Dorothy L. Sayers books in order featuring the sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey on several online platforms. Websites such as Amazon, Google Play, and Barnes and Noble provide complete lists of novels in the series, including publication dates, so you can read them in order.

    • Are there any TV adaptations of the Wimsey mystery novels?

      Yes, there is a TV series that faithfully presents Lord Peter Wimsey, the protagonist of Dorothy L. Sayers' books. The series cleverly adapts several of the novels, allowing fans to see Lord Peter's sleuthing skills in action.

    • Can I buy the Lord Peter Wimsey series books on Amazon Kindle?

      Absolutely! You can buy the entire series of Dorothy L. Sayers books featuring Lord Peter Wimsey on Amazon Kindle. The books are available for purchase in order, or you can choose your favorite mystery to read first.

    • What are some other authors that Dorothy L. Sayers fans might enjoy?

      If you love the mystery and romance in Dorothy L. Sayers' novels, you might enjoy books by authors like Agatha Christie, who also presents an amateur sleuth in her novels, or Robert B. Parker, who is known for his compelling mystery and crime fiction.

    • Are there any new Dorothy L. Sayers books featuring Peter Wimsey coming out soon?

      Unfortunately, Dorothy L. Sayers passed away in 1957, so there are no new books featuring Peter Wimsey coming out. However, there is a wealth of existing novels and short story collections to enjoy, all featuring the beloved amateur sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey.

    • Is there a recommended reading order for the books in the Peter Wimsey series by Dorothy L. Sayers?

      While each book in the Peter Wimsey series can be read as a standalone, many readers and fans of Dorothy L. Sayers suggest reading the novels in the order of their publication. This allows readers to follow the evolution and growth of the character of Lord Peter Wimsey, from his first appearance in "Whose Body?" to later novels like "Busman's Honeymoon".