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Donna Leon Books in Order (34 Book Series)

A Question of BeliefA Noble RadianceA Sea of Troubles

Donna Leon has written a series of 34 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I've heard about the commissario guido, brunetti series from a friend and I'm interested. Where can I find a leon book in order?

      You can find Donna Leon's books in order easily on online platforms. These include Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, and Waterstones Audible. Each of these platforms has editions Donna Leon has published, such as her mystery and fiction works. You can easily add them to your library or shopping cart.

    • I'm a fan of Donna Leon's commissario guido brunetti series. Can you tell me more about the author and her works?

      Donna Leon, an American author who spent many years in Venice, Italy, is famous for her mystery books featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti. The series is set in Venice and has a strong sense of place, with romance, death, and mystery interwoven into the storylines. Her first Brunetti book was published in the early 1990s and the series has continued for nearly three decades, with a new book almost every year.

    • Can I read Donna Leon's books in any order, or is it recommended to follow a particular sequence?

      As with most series, it is recommended to read Donna Leon's books in order. This allows you to follow the progression of Commissario Guido Brunetti's character and the other recurring characters in the series. However, each book does stand alone, so if you pick one up out of order, you won't be lost.

    • What are the themes of Donna Leon's books? Do they vary from book to book?

      Donna Leon's books typically revolve around the themes of mystery, crime, and the darker side of Venice. However, they also explore issues of morality, the environment, corruption, and the flaws in the legal system. There's always an element of death and a certain touch of romance as well, though the degree to which these themes appear can vary from book to book.

    • I've read a few of the commissario brunetti series and loved them. Are there any other books by Donna Leon that you'd recommend?

      Besides Donna Leon's popular Commissario Guido Brunetti series, she has also written a couple of standalone novels and Leon non-fiction book. These books vary from her usual mystery genre, exploring other facets of writing. You could also check out her recommendations for other authors' works on her official website.

    • I'm interested in the commissario brunetti series. Can I find Donna Leon's books on ebook platforms such as Kindle?

      Yes, you can indeed find Donna Leon's books on various ebook platforms. This includes Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play. You can also find her works in paperback at traditional bookstores and online retailers.

    • Are all of Donna Leon's books set in Venice? Is the city a major character in her books?

      Yes, all of Donna Leon's books featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti are set in Venice. The city is not just a backdrop, but a character in itself. The descriptions of the city's architecture, its canals, and its people add a layer of depth to the mystery and crime that Commissario Brunetti investigates.

    • Who is the main character in the Donna Leon books? What is his role?

      The main character in Donna Leon's books is Commissario Guido Brunetti. He is a police commissioner in Venice, and the books follow him as he investigates various crimes. Despite the corruption and crime he encounters, Brunetti remains a deeply moral and compassionate man, adding a layer of complexity to his character.

    • Are there any recurring characters in the commissario brunetti series apart from Brunetti himself?

      Yes, there are several recurring characters in Donna Leon's series. These include Brunetti's wife, Paola, who is a literature professor, and his children, Raffi and Chiara. His colleagues at the police station, such as his boss Patta and his assistant Vianello, also appear regularly. These familiar faces add depth and continuity to the series.