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Conn Iggulden Books in Order (33 Book Series)


Conn Iggulden is a series of 33 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Conn Iggulden

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    • Can you provide a comprehensive list of conn iggulden books in order?

      Yes, Conn Iggulden's books can be listed in the order of their publication. The author's famous "Emperor" series starts with "The Gates of Rome" (2003), followed by "The Death of Kings" (2004), "The Field of Swords" (2005), and "The Gods of War" (2006). The "Conqueror" series, which depicts the Khan empire, starts with "Wolf of the Plains" (2007), followed by "Lords of the Bow" (2008), "Bones of the Hills" (2008), "Empire of Silver" (2010), and "Conqueror" (2011). The author's "Wars of the Roses" series starts with "Stormbird" (2013), followed by "Trinity" (2014), "Bloodline" (2015), "Ravenspur: Rise of the Tudors" (2016). Conn Iggulden's standalone novels include "Blackwater" (2006) and "Dunstan" (2017). Please note that this list is based on the year of publication and may not reflect the chronological order of events in the books.

    • Who is the author behind the popular Khan Empire series?

      The author behind the best-selling Khan Empire series is Conn Iggulden. Iggulden's historical fiction books have been celebrated for their vivid portrayal of the Mongol Empire under the rule of Genghis Khan and his descendants.

    • What genres does conn iggulden write under?

      Conn Iggulden, the author, primarily writes in the historical fiction genre. His works often revolve around significant historical empires and their leaders, like the Roman Empire and the Khan Empire. However, he has also dabbled in fiction aimed at younger readers with his "Dangerous Boys" series.

    • Could you please provide a full review of any one of the books by Conn Iggulden?

      Of course. Let's look at "Wolf of the Plains," the first book of the Khan Empire series. The book title itself suggests the story of a powerful, predatory force, which is indeed what Conn Iggulden delivers. This historical fiction takes us back to the harsh, unforgiving steppes of Mongolia where the future Khan was born and raised. Iggulden masterfully crafts a world of danger, survival, and brutal tribal politics. The book offers a deep dive into the life and rise of one of history's most fearsome leaders - Genghis Khan. The writing is rich and evocative, the plot is full of twists and turns, and the characterization is exceptional. For a more in-depth look, you may wish to read a full review on book review sites.

    • Are there any recent Conn Iggulden books that I might want to add to my reading list?

      Yes, Conn Iggulden, the author, released a book titled "The Gates of Athens" in 2020. This historical fiction novel is the first in a new series by the author, which explores the wars between Athens and Persia. The second book in the series, titled "Protector," was published in 2021. Given Iggulden's reputation for well-researched and gripping historical narratives, these are certainly books to add to your reading list.

    • Where can I buy the latest books by Conn Iggulden?

      You can buy Conn Iggulden's latest books in multiple formats - paperback, hardcover, and Kindle publication. For paperback and hardcover copies, you can check out bookstores, while for Kindle publication, you can purchase them from Amazon. Sites like Goodreads allow you to compare prices from various sellers before you decide where to buy.

    • Can you tell me more about the "Dangerous Boys" series by Conn Iggulden?

      Certainly. The "Dangerous Boys" series is a departure from Iggulden's usual historical fiction forte. This series, co-authored with his brother Hal Iggulden, is a collection of books that aim to inspire a spirit of adventure and practical know-how in boys. The series includes titles like "The Dangerous Book for Boys," "The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: Things to Do," "The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: Wonders of the World," and "The Dangerous Book for Boys Yearbook." These books are a popular choice for young readers.

    • How would you rate the books by Conn Iggulden?

      On average, the books by Conn Iggulden receive high ratings from readers and critics alike. For instance, his "Emperor" series boasts an avg rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Goodreads. His "Conqueror" series, based on the Khan Empire, has an avg rating of 4.3 out of 5. These ratings, along with the bestselling status of his books, are a testament to the author's skill in storytelling and historical research.

    • How has Conn Iggulden's writing style evolved over the years?

      Over the years, Conn Iggulden's authorship has diversely evolved. While he started with historical fiction centered around the Roman Empire, he later switched settings to explore the Mongolian Khan Empire. He also branched out into books for younger audiences with his "Dangerous Boys" series. Throughout his career, Iggulden has maintained a knack for in-depth research, rich descriptions, and compelling character development. His storytelling only seems to improve with each new series, adding more layers and nuances to his expansive historical narratives.