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Bridgerton Books in Order (13 Book Series)

Because of Miss BridgertonAn Offer from a GentlemanFirst Comes Scandal

Bridgerton is a series of 13 books written by Julia Quinn. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I've just finished watching the Netflix show and I'm totally hooked. Can you tell me about the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn? What's the Bridgerton book that started it all?

      Sure thing! The Bridgerton series is a set of romance novels written by Julia Quinn. The story begins with "The Duke and I" book which is the first of the Bridgerton books. It's set back in Regency London where beauty, adult entertainment and romance were all the rage. If you loved the Netflix season based on this book, you're likely to find the rest of the series just as engaging.

    • Now that I know the first book, how do the other Bridgerton books follow in order?

      Well, the Bridgerton books in order are as follows: "The Duke and I", followed by "The Viscount Who Loved Me" book, and then "An Offer From a Gentleman" book. "Romancing Mister Bridgerton", "To Sir Phillip With Love", "When He Was Wicked", "It's In His Kiss", and "On the Way to the Wedding" complete the list.

    • I heard there are prequels to the Bridgerton series. Could you tell me more about them?

      Absolutely! Before the Bridgerton series, there was the Rokesbys book series, which serves as a Bridgerton prequel. Authored by the same talented JQ, these books provide a delightful backstory to the Bridgerton novels.

    • I'm a bit of a bookworm and would love to add these Bridgerton books to my shelf. Where can I shop for them?

      The Bridgerton books can be purchased from a variety of places. The Collection Avon shop offers a complete set of the books. You can also find them on menu shelve and other online retailers.

    • I've started reading the Bridgerton books but I'd like some guidance. Is there a recommended order to read them in?

      For the most immersive experience, it's advised to read the Bridgerton books in their published order. This enables you to follow the story as it unfolds, from "The Duke and I" to the latest Bridgerton book. And don't forget to continue reading with the Bridgerton prequel series too!

    • What are some resources to keep up with the latest news about the Bridgerton series?

      For all things Bridgerton, you can follow PopSugar and check related YouTube channels for updates about the books and the Netflix show. Lady Whistledown, a character from the series also has her own Society Papers where she spills all the London's high society secrets.

    • I'm curious about the influence of the Bridgerton series on TV. How has it made its mark on Netflix?

      The Bridgerton series has been a major hit on Netflix, with multiple seasons already aired. The show has brought the books' vibrant world of London romance to life and has captivated viewers with its storylines, inspired by the Bridgerton books.

    • Is there a place where I can discuss these Bridgerton books with fellow fans?

      Certainly! There are numerous online communities where you can engage in discussions about the Bridgerton series. Some of these include online forums, book clubs, and social media groups. There, you can share your thoughts about the books, the TV show, and everything related to Bridgerton.

    • Why is the Bridgerton series so popular both as a book series and as a TV show?

      The Bridgerton series is beloved for its engaging romance stories, relatable characters, and the beautifully painted world of Regency London. The popularity of the series is a testament to Julia Quinn's storytelling prowess. The TV adaptation has further fueled its fame, introducing the series to a wider audience and rekindling interest in the original Bridgerton books.