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Ben Coes Books in Order (10 Book Series)


Ben Coes has written a series of 10 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 10 books
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    10 books in this series

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    • Can you tell me more about the ben coes books, specifically the Dewey Andreas series?

      Yes, the Ben Coes books are part of the thrilling Dewey Andreas series. This series, published by Macmillan Publishers, revolves around the adventures and exploits of Dewey Andreas, an elite operative, in a range of mystery and spy situations.

    • What should I look for to make sure I'm getting a true Ben Coes book?

      When buying a book, look for the Macmillan Publishers logo or Ben Coes's name on the book cover. Additionally, you can check the word count to ensure it matches up with the standard length of his books.

    • Can you guide me on the ideal order to read the books by author Ben Coes?

      Sure, for a seamless reading experience, you should read the Dewey Andreas series in the order they were originally published. You can find this information on Amazon Dewey section, or even in the menu shelve of your preferred bookstore.

    • What's the general public's reply or reactions to Ben Coes's books?

      The reviews are generally positive. His books are praised for their gripping plots, well-developed characters, and the author's attention to detail. Reading the reviews on Amazon or press Amazon's review sections can give you a clear idea of what to expect.

    • How would you rate Ben Coes as an author?

      As an author, Ben Coes has a high shelf rate due to his ability to write captivating stories. He uses his words to weave a blend of romance, mystery, and spy tales that grip the reader's attention from the first page to the last.

    • How can I keep a track of all the books I’ve read or want to read shelving?

      Keeping track of what you have read or want to read can be done by using the read shelving method. You can do this by organizing your books according to the author, or even the order you want to read them in.

    • What types of formats are Ben Coes's books available in?

      Ben Coes's books are available in a variety of formats, including Kindle for e-book lovers, hardcover for those who love the traditional book feel, and even audiobooks for those who prefer listening to reading.

    • What should I keep an eye on while reading these series?

      While reading these series, keep an eye for the intricate details that the author incorporates into the plot. Also, the eye should be on the development of the main character, Dewey Andreas, throughout the series.

    • Who are some other authors who write in a similar style to Ben Coes?

      Authors who weave stories with a similar blend of mystery, spy elements, romance, and adventure include Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, and Vince Flynn among others. Reading their books could also catch your eye if you're a fan of Ben Coes's style.