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Barbara Taylor Bradford Books in Order (46 Book Series)

A Secret AffairA Man of HonorA Sudden Change of Heart

Barbara Taylor Bradford has written a series of 46 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 46 books
    1. 1

      Fashions That Please Him

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    2. 5

      Making Space Grow

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    3. 7

      Voice of the Heart

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    4. 8

      Decor Idea Casual

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    5. 10

      Act of Will

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    6. 12

      The Women in His Life

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    7. 13


      A Novel

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    8. 14


      A Novel

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    9. 15

      Everything to Gain

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    10. 16

      Dangerous to Know

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    11. 17

      Love in Another Town

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    12. 18

      A Secret Affair

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    13. 19

      Her Own Rules

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    14. 20

      Power of a Woman

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    15. 22

      Where You Belong

      A Novel

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    16. 33

      Playing The Game

      A Novel

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    17. 34

      Letter from a Stranger

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    18. 36


      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    19. 38


      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    20. 41

      Who Are You?

      Barbara Taylor Bradford

    21. 43


      Barbara Taylor Bradford

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    • Can you tell me about the author Barbara Taylor Bradford and her series of novels?

      Barbara Taylor Bradford is a renowned author who has penned a number of bestselling novels. Among her works, the Harte Family series stands out as a fan-favorite. Bradford, the author, is known for her absorbing fiction narratives that paint complex portraits of womanhood.

    • Are there many bestsellers among Barbara Taylor Bradford's books?

      Absolutely, several of Barbara Taylor Bradford's novels have achieved bestseller status. Her engaging storytelling and strong female characters resonate with readers, making her books popular choices in fiction.

    • I want to dive into her books but it seems like a lot. Is there a quick way to familiarize myself with Barbara Taylor Bradford's works?

      A quick way to get acquainted with Barbara Taylor Bradford's novels is to check out the published details such as avg rating, description, and publication order. You can add her books to your library or wishlist for quick reference.

    • I love collecting books. Are Barbara Taylor Bradford's novels available in both hardcover and paperback formats?

      Yes, you can find the novels of Bradford, the author, in both hardcover and paperback editions. Many of her books are also available in Kindle audio format, perfect for those who love listening to their favorite stories.

    • What are some standout novels by this author?

      Author Barbara Taylor Bradford has won critical acclaim for many of her novels. Some of her most beloved works include those in the Harte Family series and "A Woman of Substance", which has become a touchstone for her depiction of strong women.

    • I'm looking for an author who writes strong female characters. Does Barbara Taylor Bradford fit this description?

      Absolutely. Author Barbara Taylor Bradford excels in writing about women, with books like "Hold the Dream" and "To Be the Best" featuring strong, independent women at the forefront of their narratives.

    • What's the best order to read Barbara Taylor Bradford's books?

      It's generally recommended to read an author's books in the order of publication. This allows you to see how the author's writing and themes have evolved over the years. You can find the publication order of Barbara Taylor Bradford's novels online or at your local library.

    • Can you tell me more about Barbara Taylor Bradford's journey as a fiction writer?

      Barbara Taylor Bradford, a Leeds-born author, began her writing career years ago. Since then, she has become one of the most respected authors in the realm of fiction, particularly for her novels featuring strong women.

    • What about her writing style? What makes Barbara Taylor Bradford's books so captivating?

      Bradford, the author, masterfully combines engaging plotlines with comprehensive character development. Her books often chronicle the lives of powerful women, with her novels exploring their struggles, triumphs, and resilience. This focus sets Bradford's fiction apart and keeps readers coming back for more.