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Andy McDermott Books in Order (22 Book Series)

King Solomon's CurseEmpire of GoldKingdom of Darkness

Andy McDermott has written a series of 22 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author of the thrilling series featuring Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase?

      The author Andy McDermott created the captivating series featuring the American archaeologist, Nina Wilde and her bodyguard Eddie Chase.

    • What is the order of the books in the Andy McDermott series?

      The Andy McDermott series starts with the book "The Hunt for Atlantis", followed by several more thrilling books, all centered around the mysterious lost city of Atlantis. You'll find the full list and order on your menu shelve or online.

    • How would you rate the series by Andy McDermott on a typical bookshelf rate scale?

      On a typical shelf rate scale, the Andy McDermott series ranks highly, especially for lovers of action-packed adventure fiction. The blend of fantasy and reality keeps readers hooked from the first book to the last.

    • Who publishes the Andy McDermott books, and are they available in trade paperback?

      The publisher Headline House produces the Andy McDermott books. They are available in various formats, including trade paperback, kindle versions, and more, catering to a wide range of reading preferences.

    • How does the author develop the characters of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase throughout the series?

      Author Andy McDermott skillfully evolves the characters of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase throughout the series. Nina, initially introduced as a young adult pursuing her passion in archaeology, matures into a respected scholar. Eddie Chase, her bodyguard, also undergoes significant development, adding depth to the series.

    • Can you tell me more about the plot of the series featuring Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase?

      The series Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase revolve around their exciting adventures, often involving the mythical city of Atlantis. The pair travel from India to Canada and beyond, battling villains and solving historical mysteries.

    • Are the books by Andy McDermott suitable for romance lovers?

      Absolutely! While the Andy McDermott series is rooted in action and fantasy, there are strong elements of romance woven throughout, particularly between the two protagonists, Nina and Eddie.

    • What are some ways to learn more about the author Andy McDermott?

      To learn more about author Andy McDermott, you can visit his official website. It contains personal information about McDermott, including his journey as a writer and insights into his book series. You can also sign up for updates or follow him on social media.

    • Does the author Andy McDermott have any other series or standalone books apart from the Eddie Chase series?

      While author Andy McDermott is primarily known for the Eddie Chase series, he has also written standalone books in other genres. However, his work with the Chase series and its captivating narrative around Atlantis consistently remains a fan favorite.