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14 Alex Rider Books in Order (Alex Rider Series)

Crocodile TearsArk AngelEagle Strike

Alex Rider is a series of 14 books written by Anthony Horowitz. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

    Total: 14 books
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    14 books in this series

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    • Are the Alex Rider books/ novels finished?

      For now, yes. But the author (Anthony Horowitz) told the world he wants to write a 14th book in the spy series Alex Rider.

    • Does the Alex Rider action series follow the order of each book?

      The series is inspired by Alex's world in the novels, but it doesn't follow the books perfectly. In fact, each episode in the first season is more related to the second book (Point Blank) than the first book Alex Rider appeared in. Though it has some elements of the adventure in the first of the books (Stormbreaker).

    • Why can't I read reviews of each book?

      We get that question all the time! But we don't list them because it would clutter the site (in fact, simplicity is probably our biggest advantage). We'll report if that changes, but it's unlikely because our number one policy determined some age ago is "don't try to out-Amazon Amazon", because there's no point in us copying the features they already do so such a great job at :) Instead, our policy says we focus on what we do best which is to bring you awesome lists of books to read! Not one single other media or feature needed.

    • Who is the author of these Alex Rider adventure books/ novels?

      The author of the Alex Rider series is Anthony Horowitz.