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Alex Delaware Books in Order (37 Book Series)

Bad LoveA Cold HeartBlood Test

Alex Delaware is a series of 37 books written by Jonathan Kellerman. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 37 books


    • What is the correct Alex Delaware books series in order?

      The Alex Delaware series in order begins with "When the Bough Breaks," followed by "Blood Test," "Over the Edge," and continues chronologically from there.

    • How many Alex Delaware books are there?

      There are several Alex Delaware books available, each featuring the insightful psychologist Alex and his work. The exact number can be found on our catalog on the Most Recommended Books website.

    • Can I find a list of Alex Delaware series in order on your site?

      Yes, on Most Recommended Books, we provide a comprehensive list of the alex delaware books in order, so you can easily track which book comes next.

    • What is the first Alex Delaware book in the series?

      The first Alex Delaware book is "When the Bough Breaks," which introduces readers to the complex character of psychologist Alex Delaware.

    • Where can I find the newest Alex Delaware books released?

      The most recent Alex Delaware books are featured prominently on our site. Each book is linked to Amazon so that you can discover the latest adventures of Alex Delaware.

    • Are there any spin-off series or related books outside the main Alex Delaware series?

      The main focus of Jonathan Kellerman's work is the Alex Delaware series, though he has other books. Our collection focuses on the alex delaware books in order and the main character's progression.

    • Is there a recommended order for reading the Jonathan Kellerman Alex Delaware books in order?

      Yes, we recommend reading the Kellerman Delaware books in publication order to follow the evolution of Alex, Milo Sturgis, and the cases they solve. You can find the series order on our website, and each Alex Delaware book is just a click away via Amazon links.