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William Monk Books in Order (24 Book Series)


William Monk is a series of 24 books written by Anne Perry. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What exactly is the William Monk series?

      The William Monk series is a popular set of historical mystery fiction novels, set in Victorian London, England. The series is written by the renowned author, Anne Perry, who is known for her intricate and engaging stories.

    • Can you provide a brief description of who William Monk is in Anne Perry's series?

      William Monk is a fascinating character crafted by author Anne Perry. He's a dedicated and sharp investigator in the heart of Victorian London. Throughout the series, Monk deals with personal struggles and complex mysteries, presenting readers with a captivating blend of intrigue and historical detail.

    • Why is Anne Perry, the author of the William Monk series, so celebrated among historical mystery fiction authors?

      Anne Perry is highly esteemed among authors of historical mystery fiction genre for her skill at intricately weaving together elements of mystery with the nuances of Victorian-era life. Her characters, like Perry's commander investigator William Monk and his wife Hester Monk, are well-developed and engaging, making her books a top choice for fans of the genre.

    • Where can I find a chronological list of the William Monk books?

      A chronological list of the William Monk books by Anne Perry can be found on several online sites that specialise in literature and books. Look for a 'menu shelve' option where you can conveniently order the books in the series according to their release dates.

    • Can I get a glimpse of the content in these books before I purchase them?

      Yes, absolutely! Many online platforms provide an 'excerpt buy' option where you can read a sample of the book before deciding to add it to your cart. This is particularly helpful in deciding whether the book matches your reading preferences.

    • Are all the William Monk books available in different formats?

      Yes, the books are available in various formats, including ebook and Kindle. This flexibility allows you to choose the format that best suits your reading habits.

    • Is the William Monk series limited to just mystery?

      While the William Monk series by Anne Perry is primarily a historical mystery, elements of romance and fantasy also weave throughout the novels. This blend of genres makes the series appealing to a broad range of readers.

    • How appreciated is the William Monk series among young readers?

      The William Monk series is not only appreciated by adult readers but also attracts a young audience. The blend of mystery, romance and fantasy in Perry's Victorian novels piques the interest of young readers who enjoy historical fiction.

    • What is the latest installment in the William Monk series?

      The latest installment in the series is always detailed on Anne Perry's official author site, along with its release date and a brief description. Always remember to visit the site to keep atop of the most recent releases and orders.