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Twisted Tales Books in Order (12 Book Series)

As Old As TimeA Whole New WorldConceal, Don't Feel

Twisted Tales is a series of 12 books written by 3 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about Disney twisted tales?

      Disney Twisted tales is a popular young adult series from Disney. The series focuses on an alternative "what-if" storyline for famous Disney princess stories. The twisted tale series is penned by various authors including Braswell Liz and Lim Elizabeth, known for their expertise in young adult novels. The series is a favorite among Disney enthusiasts as it explores the Disney dreams of alternate endings to popular tales.

    • How should I read the twisted tale books in the series?

      For best enjoyment, you should read the Disney Twisted Tales series in order. Beginning with the first book, each tale adds a new twist to the life of a beloved Disney princess. As you read through the books in the series you'll find the tales contain elements of romance, mystery and fantasy, keeping you captivated chapter by chapter.

    • Can you guide me to find the twisted tale books in order?

      Sure, to find the books in order you can either search for the Disney twisted tales series online or check the orders in the back of each book. Trust me, once you start reading these tales, they will quickly become a wishlist quick pick.

    • What are the reviews like for these twisted tales book series?

      Reviews for the Disney Twisted Tales series have been largely positive. With an avg rating and ratings score reflecting their popularity among young adult readers, these books provide a refreshing spin on Disney classics. Keep in mind that every reader's taste is different, so a clear rating may vary, and there is always a small error rating to consider.

    • Could you elaborate on the fantasy element of these twisted tales series?

      Sure, each book in the twisted tales series puts a unique fantasy spin on traditional Disney stories. These are not just retellings, but rather reimaginations where things didn't go as planned in the Disney parade of familiar stories. It could be where the princess didn't wake up, or the queen wasn't so wicked after all, adding a whole new layer of mystery and suspense.

    • Can you tell me about some of the authors who have contributed to this series?

      The Disney twisted tales series has had contributions from talented authors such as Braswell Liz and Lim Elizabeth. These authors have brought a unique perspective to the tales, creating young adult novels that are a refreshing take on Disney classics.

    • Can you mention any specific books in this series that I should start with?

      One of the best ways to dive into the Disney twisted tales series is to start with the book "A Whole New World" by Braswell Liz. This book, like the others in the series, is a clever twist on a beloved Disney princess tale, in this case, Aladdin. Another good one to start with is "Reflection" by Lim Elizabeth, which spins the tale of Mulan.

    • Is there any romance in these books?

      Yes, the Disney twisted tales series does incorporate romance into their reimagined stories. Each book contains a love story, but unlike in the traditional Disney tales, the path to true love is filled with twists, turns, and plenty of mystery.

    • Can I find these Disney twisted tales books online?

      Yes, these books can be found and read online. You'll find that each tale in the Disney twisted tales series is a star read, captivating with its unique twist on Disney princess stories. From the beloved characters of Mickey and Minnie to the magic and mystery of the queen and princess, there's a tale for everyone to enjoy.