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Thomas Pitt Books in Order (32 Book Series)

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Thomas Pitt is a series of 32 books written by Anne Perry. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I've heard of the Thomas Pitt series, can you tell me more about it?

      The Thomas Pitt series are mystery novels written by Anne Perry. They primarily focus on the character of Superintendent Thomas Pitt as he solves various mysteries in Victorian England. This is a richly detailed and well-researched series of books, blending elements of mystery, fiction, and romance.

    • Who is the author of the Thomas Pitt series?

      Anne Perry is the author of the Thomas Pitt series. She is an acclaimed writer known for her mystery and fiction books that often have elements of romance.

    • What order should I read the Thomas Pitt series in?

      It's best to read the Thomas Pitt novels in the order they were published. This will allow you to follow the progression of the characters and their relationships. Each book tends to build upon the events of the previous book, deepening the mystery and fiction aspects of the series.

    • Can you provide details about the first book in the Thomas Pitt series?

      Sure, you can view details of the first book of the series, 'The Cater Street Hangman', on Amazon view. The book introduces us to Thomas Pitt and his wife, Charlotte. It's a mystery and fiction novel with a goodreads rating that speaks to the high-quality writing of Anne Perry.

    • Is there a place where I can keep track of the books I have read in the Thomas Pitt series?

      Yes, Goodreads offers a 'shelf rate' feature where you can rate and keep track of the Thomas Pitt series you have read. You can also view details, add books to your reading list, and see how other members of the community have rated the books.

    • What do I do if I want to read a Thomas Pitt book but don't want to buy it?

      You can check if a Thomas Pitt book is available at your local library. Libraries often carry popular book series like this one. You can also borrow a Kindle version of the book from Amazon if you have a Kindle reading device.

    • Are there any spin-offs or related series to the Thomas Pitt series?

      Yes, Anne Perry later introduced the character of Daniel Pitt, Thomas and Charlotte's son, in a spin-off series. The Daniel Pitt series continues the blend of mystery, fiction, and romance in the same Victorian setting.

    • How can I add a new book from the Thomas Pitt series to my reading list?

      You can 'add to cart' on Amazon view or choose 'menu shelve' on Goodreads to add a new book from the Thomas Pitt series to your reading list. Remember to check the book details before adding.

    • What is so special about the Thomas Pitt series?

      The Thomas Pitt series stands out for its perfect blend of mystery, fiction, and romance. The richly-detailed Victorian setting and compelling characters, particularly the top sleuth, Superintendent Thomas Pitt, and his wife, Charlotte, make it a must-read for mystery lovers.