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The Last Kingdom Books in Order (13 Book Series)


The Last Kingdom is a series of 13 books written by Bernard Cornwell. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author behind "The Last Kingdom" series?

      Bernard Cornwell is the acclaimed author behind "The Last Kingdom" series.

    • What is the chronology or order of "The Last Kingdom" books?

      The Last Kingdom series is made up of twelve books in total, each chronicling the tales of Uhtred of Bebbanburg as he battles the invading Danes and Vikings. The series begins with "The Last Kingdom," followed by "The Pale Horseman," "The Lords of the North," "Sword Song," "The Burning Land," "Death of Kings," "The Pagan Lord," "The Empty Throne," "Warriors of the Storm," "The Flame Bearer," "War of the Wolf," and finally "Sword of Kings."

    • Where can I find the "Kingdom" books to read them?

      You can access The Last Kingdom series through various publishers accessed either in local bookstores or online. You can view details of each book on Amazon view or check the availability and shelf rate in your local library book system.

    • Are there different regional editions of "The Last Kingdom" books?

      Yes, there are regional editions of The Last Kingdom books, each with a different book cover. The publisher HarperCollins, for instance, has different cover designs for the English and American editions. You can view details and add the one you prefer to your cart on Amazon or your local bookstore's website.

    • What is the plot of the "Last Kingdom" series centered on?

      The Last Kingdom series is a series chronicling the life of Uhtred, a Saxon nobleman captured and raised by Viking warriors. Despite his Viking upbringing, Uhtred remains loyal to King Alfred of Wessex and aids him in his efforts to unify England under a single kingdom. The series is a blend of historical events and fiction, with Uhtred's tale set against the backdrop of England's battle against the Vikings.

    • How closely related is the BBC TV adaptation to the "Last Kingdom" books?

      The BBC TV adaptation of The Last Kingdom series is largely faithful to Bernard Cornwell's novels. There are some differences, but Uhtred's character and his relationship with King Alfred of Wessex, his battles against the Danes, and his struggle to reclaim his ancestral home remain central to both the books and the TV series.

    • Is Uhtred in "The Last Kingdom" a real historical figure?

      Uhtred, the protagonist of The Last Kingdom series, is a fictional character created by Bernard Cornwell. However, his character's experiences are based on real historical events and figures, most notably King Alfred the Great's efforts to unify England against Viking invasions.

    • Can I read the books out of order?

      It's recommended to read The Last Kingdom series in order, as each book builds upon the events of the previous ones. Reading out of sequence might lead to spoilers or confusion about the plot or characters. But if you're feeling rebellious, no one's stopping you!

    • What makes "The Last Kingdom" books so engaging?

      The Last Kingdom books are renowned for their detailed historical settings, intense battle scenes, and complex characters, particularly Uhtred, a Saxon warrior torn between his Viking upbringing and his loyalty to King Alfred of Wessex. The series offers a riveting exploration of England's turbulent history, making it a must-read for fans of historical fiction.