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The Darkest Minds Books in Order (5 Book Series)


The Darkest Minds is a series of 5 books written by Alexandra Bracken. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the darkest minds series by Alexandra Bracken?

      The Darkest Minds series is a collection of novels authored by Alexandra Bracken. It includes "The Darkest Minds", "Never Fade", and "In the Afterlight". They're a top series on many reading lists.

    • As a newbie to the series, in which order should I start reading the books for the best experience?

      You should start reading from the first book, "The Darkest Minds", then proceed to the "Never Fade" book, and finish with "In the Afterlight". This order ensures a smooth transition in the story and helps in understanding the character developments, especially Ruby, the main character.

    • I've heard there's a movie adaptation of the darkest minds series. Is that true?

      Yes, that's correct. The Darkest Minds was adapted into a movie by Disney for the kids and young adult audience.

    • What are the different formats in which the books are available?

      The books in the Darkest Minds series are available in various formats including hardcover, paperback, and Kindle. This gives readers the flexibility to choose their preferred reading style.

    • Where can I find more information about the author and the books she's written?

      For more details about the author and her books, you can check out her Amazon view. It will provide you with details like the synopsis, goodreads rating, customer reviews, and the option to add the book to your wishlist.

    • How can I keep track of the books I've read and the ones I want to read in future?

      You can use the 'read shelving' feature available on most online book platforms. This will allow you to shelf rate the books you've read and use the 'menu shelve' option for the ones you intend to read in the future.

    • Can I view detailed information about each book individually?

      Yes, most online book platforms provide a 'view details' option where you can see in-depth information about each book, including a synopsis, author information, and reviews.

    • Is there a way to keep a record of my thoughts about a book after I've read it?

      Yes, you can use the 'details add' feature on many online platforms to jot down your thoughts and reflections on the book. This can be helpful for future reference and for sharing your opinions with others.

    • Can I check ratings for the books before I start reading them?

      Yes, you can. Most online book platforms display the Goodreads rating for each book, which can be helpful to gauge whether the book might be of interest to you.