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The Cat Who... Books in Order (29 Book Series)


The Cat Who... is a series of 29 books written by Lilian Jackson Braun. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the "Cat Who" series books about?

      The "Cat Who" series books, written by Lilian Jackson Braun, are a set of cozy mystery novels centered around Jim Qwilleran, a journalist, and his two Siamese cats, Koko and Yum-Yum. One of the most famous books in the series is "The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern". The series was first introduced several years ago and has since gained a following among cat and mystery lovers alike.

    • Can you elaborate on the cozy mystery genre?

      Cozy mystery is a sub-genre of crime fiction where the violence of the crime is downplayed or treated humorously. The crimes, usually murder, take place in a small, socially intimate community. The "Cat Who" series fits perfectly into this genre, as the protagonist, Jim Qwilleran, investigates various mysteries in a small town with the help of his cats, Qwilleran Koko and Yum-Yum.

    • How can I read the "Cat Who" series books in the correct order?

      If you're a fan of cozy mystery series books and want to read the "Cat Who" series in order, the ultimate guide is to start at the beginning. Start with "The Cat Who Could Read Backwards" and proceed in the order the books were published. This way, you can follow the adventures of Qwilleran and his mystery-solving cats in the order intended by the author.

    • Is there an easy way to purchase these books online?

      Yes! You can use the "view details" function on Amazon to see all the books in the "Cat Who" series. Once you've viewed the details, simply add the books you want to your cart and proceed to checkout. Alternatively, you can use AddALL book search and price comparison engine to view details and compare prices across various retailers.

    • Can anyone enjoy the "Cat Who" series books?

      Yes, the "Cat Who" series books offer a cozy mystery experience that can be enjoyed by fans of all types of fiction, be it romance, fantasy, or mystery. Essentially, if you enjoy a good mystery, cats, and characters that come to life off the pages, this series is for you.

    • Tell me more about the main character, Qwilleran?

      Jim Qwilleran, often simply referred to as Qwill, is a former crime reporter who stumbles into becoming an amateur detective in the "Cat Who" series. He has a remarkable mustache and an even more remarkable pair of Siamese cats, Koko and Yum-Yum. The cats play a significant role in solving the mysteries.

    • Are there any books that stand out in the series?

      Yes, one of the top books in the "Cat Who" series is "The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern". This is the second book in the series and is a fan favorite. It's available in paperback, hardcover, and even on Kindle for those who prefer digital reading.

    • Are there any other characters in the series?

      Yes, besides Qwill, there are his two Siamese cats, Koko and Yum-Yum. They are not just ordinary cats, they have a knack for finding clues and helping Qwill solve his mysteries. They are a crucial part of the series and are loved by fans.

    • Can cat lovers enjoy these books?

      Absolutely! The "Cat Who" series is a must-read for cat lovers. Not only do the books feature cats as main characters, but they also showcase the unique behaviors and characteristics of cats, making them a delight to read for any feline aficionado.