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Steve Cavanagh Books in Order (8 Book Series)


Steve Cavanagh has written a series of 8 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Steve Cavanagh and what series of books is he famous for?

      Author Steve Cavanagh is a highly acclaimed author who is renowned for his Eddie Flynn series. The series, which is a legal thriller, features the protagonist Eddie Flynn and is set predominantly in Belfast.

    • Can you provide a brief synopsis of Eddie Flynn as a character in Steve Cavanagh's books?

      Eddie Flynn, the central character in Steve Cavanagh's novels, is a unique blend of con artist and lawyer. He uses his knowledge of both law and crime to navigate complex cases in each book, often in thrilling and unpredictable ways.

    • As an avid reader, I'm always on the lookout for new authors to explore. Would you recommend Steve Cavanagh's book series?

      Absolutely. If you enjoy well-crafted crime fiction, you will certainly appreciate Steve Cavanagh's Eddie Flynn series. The books are arguably some of the best legal thrillers out there, and the author's experience as a lawyer in Belfast only lends more authenticity to the storytelling.

    • What is the recommended order of reading Steve Cavanagh's Eddie Flynn series?

      The Eddie Flynn series by author Steve Cavanagh should ideally be read in the order of publication. The first book is "The Defense", followed by "The Plea", "The Liar", "Thirteen", "Fifty Fifty", and finally, "The Devil's Advocate". Following this order will ensure a coherent understanding of the character development and story progression.

    • Are Steve Cavanagh's books available in different formats and where can one find them?

      Yes, Steve Cavanagh's books are available in several formats including hardcover, paperback, and Kindle edition. They can be found in various online and physical retail outlets. For easy access and read shelving, you might want to check out sites like Amazon or Goodreads.

    • Is there an audio version of Steve Cavanagh's Eddie Flynn series and who are the narrators?

      Yes, there are audio versions of Steve Cavanagh's Eddie Flynn series. The books are typically cavanagh narrated by Adam Sims, who does a fantastic job of bringing the characters and the gritty world of law and crime to life.

    • Is there a comprehensive list of all Steve Cavanagh's works in order to date?

      Unfortunately, my attempt to compile a podcast failed. However, you can find a complete list of Steve Cavanagh's works and their publication dates on the author's official website or reputable book review sites.

    • How has the author Steve Cavanagh's books been received by readers and critics?

      Author Steve Cavanagh's books, particularly the Eddie Flynn series, have been widely praised by both readers and critics. Many of his novels have high ratings, with "Fifty Fifty" earning a shelf rate of four stars. Readers have particularly enjoyed the blend of legal thriller and crime, and Eddie's character development over the series.

    • Where can I find reviews of Steve Cavanagh's books or leave a reply after reading them?

      You can find reviews of Steve Cavanagh's books on websites like Amazon, Goodreads, and literary blogs. To leave a reply or review after reading, simply head to the book's page on these sites, click on the 'menu shelve' option and navigate to the reviews section.