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Stacey Abrams Books in Order (14 Book Series)


Stacey Abrams has written a series of 14 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 14 books
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    • What can you tell me about Stacey Abrams books?

      Stacey Abrams, the popular author, is known to write fiction novels under the pseudonym Selena Montgomery. Her books range from romance to mystery, all with an engaging plot that keeps readers hooked.

    • Who is Selena Montgomery?

      Selena Montgomery is the pen name of Stacey Abrams. As an author, she has written several popular novels, primarily falling under the romance and mystery genres.

    • How many books has Stacey Abrams written?

      As of now, Stacey Abrams has penned eight fiction novels under the pseudonym Selena Montgomery. These books span various genres like romance and mystery, with each book offering a unique storyline.

    • Are there any new novels coming from this author?

      Yes, Abrams has a new book set to release soon. It's highly anticipated by her fans who are eager to add another one of her captivating books to their collection.

    • Can I read her books on my Kindle?

      Certainly! Her books are available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle format. To read her books, simply head over to your preferred shop and add the book to your cart.

    • What's the latest book authored by Stacey Abrams?

      Her latest book is 'While Justice Sleeps', a gripping tale of power and corruption, released in 2021. It's a departure from the romance and mystery novels she has written as Selena Montgomery but showcases her versatile writing skills.

    • Does Stacey Abrams narrate her own books?

      In some cases, yes. Stacey's books are sometimes Abrams narrated, providing her personal touch to the storytelling experience.

    • Can I find her books in a Penguin book house?

      Yes, you can find Stacey's books in various bookstores, including Penguin. Whether you prefer hardcover, paperback or Kindle versions, it's a great place to shop for her novels.

    • Can I find the list of Stacey Abrams books in order?

      Unfortunately, the list failed to load. But don't worry! You can easily find a list of her books in chronological order on several book-related websites. Just remember to check the avg rating, clear rating, and look for any error rating before making a purchase. And always remain aware of the policy of the book shop or online platform.