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Selena Montgomery Books in Order (8 Book Series)


Selena Montgomery is a series of 8 books written by Stacey Abrams. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    8 books in this series

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    • Who is Selena Montgomery and what genre does she specialize in?

      Selena Montgomery is a pen name for Stacey Abrams, a renowned political figure and author. She specializes in romance novels, particularly romantic suspense, a subgenre that blends elements of suspense, adventure, and love.

    • What is the correct order in which to read Selena Montgomery's books?

      The Selena Montgomery books should be read in the following order: "Rules of Engagement" (2001), "The Art of Desire" (2002), "Power of Persuasion" (2004), "Never Tell" (2004), "Hidden Sins" (2005), and "Reckless" (2008).

    • Is there a podcast that discusses Selena Montgomery novels?

      To my knowledge, a podcast dedicated to Selena Montgomery novels does not exist. However, it wouldn't be surprising if a podcast episode or two feature her works, given her prominence in the romance genre. Just be prepared for the possibility of the "podcast failed" message popping up if it's an obscure platform.

    • As a reader, do I have an option to rate or review the books written by this author?

      Absolutely! Rating a book written by Selena Montgomery, or any author for that matter, is a great way to share your experience. You can clear your rating if you change your mind, or add a review to share more detailed thoughts. Be careful though, incorrect entries can lead to an "error rating" message.

    • What is the average rating for a Selena Montgomery book?

      The average (or "avg") rating for a Selena Montgomery book varies as readers have different preferences. However, her books generally receive high ratings, reflecting her ability to weave captivating romantic suspense stories.

    • I've heard that Selena Montgomery has narrated her own novels. Is this true?

      While Selena Montgomery has been involved in many aspects of her books' creation, there's no concrete evidence that she's personally narrated her novels. Moreover, professional voice actors often take on this role.

    • Can I add a Selena Montgomery novel to a list of books I want to read?

      Of course! You can add Selena Montgomery novels to your "to-read" list. If you encounter a "list failed" message, don't panic. It's likely a temporary glitch and trying again should resolve it.

    • Where can I purchase Selena Montgomery books?

      Selena Montgomery's books can be purchased in many online and physical bookshops. They are available in hardcover, paperback, and for kindle. However, due to their popularity, you might occasionally encounter an "add to cart failed" message. Don't worry though, just refresh the page and try again.

    • What kind of romantic elements can I expect in Selena Montgomery's series?

      Selena Montgomery skillfully blends romance and suspense in her novels. Expect a lot of romantic tension, heartfelt love stories, and characters that will make your heart race. With her background in romantic fiction, she crafts engaging narratives that will keep you on the edge of your seat.