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Sarah MacLean Books in Order (16 Book Series)

A Scot in the DarkA Rogue by Any Other NameBombshell

Sarah MacLean has written a series of 16 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 16 books


    • What is the sarah maclean books in order for reading?

      To experience the captivating storytelling of author Maclean, it's best to follow the publication order for full enjoyment of the character development and overarching narratives. Sarah Maclean books are often grouped into series, with each installment building upon the previous ones. By following the publication order, you will get to read the sarah books as the author intended, allowing for a deeper understanding of the historical world Maclean has created and the intricate relationships between her characters.

    • Can I find a kindle ebook edition for maclean sarah novels?

      Absolutely! Each of Maclean Sarah’s novels is available as a Kindle ebook, which you can conveniently buy and read on your Kindle device or through the Kindle app on various mobile platforms. Just find the book you're interested in on our site, and we'll show you the link where you can purchase the Kindle edition directly from Amazon.

    • What is a book description and where can I find it for sarah maclean books?

      A book description provides potential readers with a brief overview of a book's plot, characters, and themes. For Sarah Maclean's books, you can find a rich book description alongside each listing on our website. These descriptions will give you a glimpse into the historical romance world she's known for and help you decide which book to dive into first with various views into the content and style of her writing.

    • Are there any series among the maclean books collection?

      Yes, Sarah Maclean is known for her engaging series that feature enthralling historical romances set in London society. Each series typically follows different protagonists, with recurring characters appearing throughout, tying the novels together into a cohesive world that fans of romance historical novels adore. Be sure to read the series in order to fully appreciate the interconnected stories.

    • I'm new to sarah maclean's work. Which book or series should I start with?

      If you are new to Sarah Maclean, an excellent starting point could be the "Rules of Scoundrels" or the "Love By Numbers" series, both of which showcase her prowess in writing historical romance. Each series contains books that explore the intricate dance of romance and society's expectations within the context of historical London. Pick any first book of these series to embark on an unforgettable journey through Maclean's regency world.

    • I would like to add a maclean book to my reading list. How can I share this with friends and give them a preview?

      On our website, when you preview a book by Sarah Maclean, you'll see options to share your exciting find with friends. You can use the share function to post it to social media or send a link directly to those you think would also enjoy her novels. We are unable to directly add books to your physical reading list, but sharing is the next best thing to keep and spread your list of must-reads.

    • What genres does author sarah maclean write in, and are there any other books I should look for?

      Author Maclean excels in the genre of historical fiction, specifically focusing on historical romance. Her novels typically feature strong, independent women and compelling male protagonists who navigate the strict romance rules of London's high society. Each book combines rich period detail with heartfelt romance and spirited adventure, appealing to a wide range of readers who have a passion for romance and historic settings.