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Robert McCammon Books in Order (38 Book Series)

Bethany's SinBaalBlue World

Robert McCammon is a series of 38 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 38 books
    1. 1


      Robert McCammon

    2. 2

      Bethany's Sin

      Robert R McCammon

    3. 3

      The Night Boat

      Robert McCammon

    4. 4

      They Thirst

      Robert McCammon

    5. 5

      Mystery Walk

      Robert McCammon

    6. 6

      Usher's Passing

      Robert R McCammon

    7. 7


      Robert R McCammon

    8. 8

      Swan Song

      Robert R McCammon

    9. 9

      Blue World

      Robert McCammon

    10. 11


      Robert R McCammon

    11. 12

      Boy's Life

      Robert R McCammon

    12. 13

      Under the Fang

      Robert McCammon

    13. 14

      Gone South

      Robert R McCammon

    14. 18

      The Five

      Robert R McCammon

    15. 23


      Robert McCammon

    16. 25

      Night Crawlers

      Robert McCammon

    17. 32

      The Border

      Robert R McCammon

    18. 36

      The Listener

      Robert R McCammon

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    • I'm looking for a reading menu of Robert McCammon books. Can you help me out?

      Absolutely! Author Robert McCammon's books are primarily in the horror and fiction genres. For a reading menu, you might want to start with "Swan Song," which was originally published in July and is a highly-rated horror fiction book that's won an award.

    • Alright, I'm interested in horror Robert McCammon author has written. Can you give me more info about "Swan Song"?

      "Swan Song" is a horror fiction novel by Robert McCammon, originally published in July 1987. It is one of the author's best-known books, with a high shelf rate and beautiful book covers. The novel has received an award and has been republished several times over the years, in both paperback and kindle formats.

    • What's the order to read the Robert McCammon books?

      While most of Robert McCammon's books are standalone novels and can be read in any order, the author also has a series: the Matthew Corbett series. The first book, "Speaks the Nightbird," was originally published in April, followed by "The Queen of Bedlam" in October, and so on.

    • My interest has been piqued by the series you mentioned. Is there a book by McCammon that received a full review?

      Yes, the book "The Wolf Hour" from the Matthew Corbett series by McCammon has received a full review and is highly rated in the horror fiction genre. You can read full reviews of his books on various literature review platforms.

    • I'm looking for Robert McCammon's books in order with their publication dates. Can you provide that?

      Sure! Robert McCammon's books have been published over several decades. For instance, "Swan Song" was published in July 1987, followed by "Stinger" in October 1988. The Matthew Corbett series, starting with "Speaks the Nightbird," was initially published in April 2002. For a full list of his books in order of publication, you might want to check out a comprehensive literature database or his official author website.

    • Out of curiosity, has Robert written any books that aren't horror or fiction?

      While Robert McCammon is best known for his horror fiction, he has ventured into other genres as well. For example, "Boy's Life", originally published in August 1991, is a coming-of-age story that incorporates elements of mystery and magic realism, showing the author's versatility.

    • What's the top-rated book on the menu shelve by McCammon?

      The book "Swan Song" stands out among Robert McCammon's works and is often considered his masterpiece. This horror fiction novel has received numerous awards and high ratings from readers, making it a must-read for any fan of the author.

    • What Robert McCammon book would you recommend for a fan of romance fiction?

      While most known for his horror fiction, McCammon's book "Boy's Life" has elements of romance woven into the narrative, giving it a broader appeal to readers of various genres.

    • I'd like to add some books to my reading list for next year. Can you suggest some of McCammon's fiction?

      Absolutely! If you're planning your reading for the next year, Robert McCammon's horror fiction is something you'd want to add. "Swan Song," "The Wolf Hour," and the entire Matthew Corbett series are great options. Also, don't forget about "Boy's Life," which, while not strictly horror, is a stunning piece of fiction you shouldn't miss.