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Richard Paul Evans Books in Order (53 Book Series)

A Step of FaithA Perfect DayA Winter Dream

Richard Paul Evans has written a series of 53 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 53 books
    1. 7

      The Dance

      Richard Paul Evans

    2. 10

      The Quotable Evans

      Richard Paul Evans

    3. 15

      The Last Promise

      Richard Paul Evans

    4. 17

      A Perfect Day

      Richard Paul Evans

    5. 19

      The Sunflower

      Richard Paul Evans

    6. 21

      The Gift

      A Novel

      Richard Paul Evans

    7. 22


      A Novel

      Richard Paul Evans

    8. 23

      If Only

      Richard Paul Evans

    9. 26

      Promise Me

      Richard Paul Evans

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    • Who is Richard Paul Evans and what sorts of books has this author written?

      Richard Paul Evans is a renowned author who gained fame with his work "The Christmas Box", a Christmas-themed novel that garnered immense praise. He is known for his young adult fiction, romance novels, mystery, and fantasy genres. Many of his books have been York Times bestselling, attesting to his popularity and his knack for writing engaging fiction.

    • Is there a specific order in which to read the books of Richard Paul Evans?

      Yes, there's a publication order that readers can follow to better understand the progression of Richard Paul Evans's storytelling. Starting with "The Christmas Box", which was published several years ago, you can follow the events author has laid out in each book.

    • Can I find Richard Paul Evans's books in hardcover audio format?

      Yes, many of Richard Paul Evans's books are available in hardcover audio format. He understands the different reading preferences of his fans, which is why his books are available in different forms like hardcover, audio cassette, and even kindle publication.

    • What are some general themes in Richard Paul Evans's novels?

      Evans's novels span various themes but are generally embedded in the realms of love, family, and self-discovery. His Christmas Box trilogy, for instance, is a heartwarming exploration of family relationships and the true essence of Christmas. Evans's fiction often embodies these general themes that resonate with a wide range of readers.

    • What is the average rating of Richard Paul Evans's books?

      The avg rating of Richard Paul Evans's books is generally high, reflecting the author's ability to engage his readers with compelling characters and intricate plots. His best-known book, "The Christmas Box", is particularly popular among readers and has received numerous positive reviews.

    • Can I buy Richard Paul Evans's books online?

      Absolutely! You can buy Richard Paul Evans's books, including his famous "Christmas Box" series, from various online platforms. These books are available in different formats like paperback, audio cassette, kindle publication, and hardcover audio. It's advisable to check the books' view and report before purchasing to ensure you're buying a format you'll enjoy.

    • Where can I find more information about Richard Paul Evans's author training and events?

      More information about Richard Paul Evans's author training and events can be found on his official website. He often holds author training and shares insights about his writing process. His events could be a chance to see him discuss his books, such as his beloved "Christmas Box" series.

    • How has Richard Paul Evans's writing evolved over the years?

      Over the years, Evans has expanded his repertoire, adding young adult fiction and a variety of other genres to his portfolio. He continues to charm readers with his moving narratives and compelling characters, always evolving his writing to keep readers engaged. He's also adapted to modern trends, offering his books in various formats including kindle publication, audio cassette, and hardcover audio.

    • What is the best place to start if I want to read Richard Paul Evans's books in order?

      A good place to start is with "The Christmas Box", Evans's first and perhaps most revered book. From there, you can follow the publication order, which will take you through a journey of his fiction, filled with themes of love, family, and self-discovery.