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Richard Osman Books in Order (10 Book Series)


Richard Osman has written a series of 10 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about Richard Osman's non-fiction books and his "Thursday Murder" club series?

      Richard Osman is the author of the tremendously popular "Thursday Murder Club" series. This series is a perfect blend of mystery and comedy, showcasing Richard's talent for creating captivating and fun characters. However, Richard Osman's non-fiction books are also worth checking out. They provide a unique insight into his worldview and humor, just like his crime novels.

    • What order should I read the books in the Thursday Murder club series?

      The Thursday Murder Club series by author Richard Osman should ideally be read in the order they were published. This is to ensure continuity of the storyline and character development. The first book in the series is "The Thursday Murder Club", followed by "The Man Who Died Twice".

    • I'm in a book club and we're thinking about reading Richard Osman books. Which ones would you recommend for us?

      Your book club is in for a treat with Richard Osman's books! I'd recommend starting with the British book, "The Thursday Murder Club", which is the first in the Thursday Murder Club series. It's a mystery novel that your book club is bound to love.

    • Are Richard Osman's books available in different formats like hardcover, paperback, and Kindle?

      Absolutely! Richard Osman books are available in various formats including hardcover, paperback, and Kindle. So whether you prefer holding a physical book in your hand or reading on a digital device, there's an option for you.

    • Wait, is Richard Osman the same guy who co-hosts a TV show with Alexander Armstrong?

      Yes, that's right! Richard Osman is the same person who co-hosts the British TV show 'Pointless' with Alexander Armstrong. Apart from being a TV personality, Richard is also a talented author, known for his books like the Thursday Murder Club series.

    • Are the Thursday Murder Club books part of a series or standalone novels?

      The Thursday Murder Club books are part of a series. The first book, "The Thursday Murder Club", introduced us to a group of pensioners who solve murders for fun. The series continues with their adventures in solving mysteries.

    • How frequently does Richard Osman release new books?

      Richard Osman released "The Thursday Murder Club", his debut novel, only a couple of years ago. He then quickly followed it up with "The Man Who Died Twice". Given this pace, we can expect to see more delightful mysteries from Richard in the coming years.

    • Is there a guide I can use to keep track of the books I've read in the Thursday Murder series?

      Certainly! There are several online platforms that offer a shelving menu where you can read, add, or keep track of the books you're reading. This could be your ultimate guide to keeping track of the Richard Osman books you've read and those you're yet to dive into.

    • How are Richard Osman's books received in the UK and globally?

      Richard Osman's books, particularly his Thursday Murder Club series, have been loved by readers in the UK and across the globe. His distinctive blend of humor and mystery, along with his ability to craft engaging characters, have made his books a favorite among many. The series has appealed to a wide range of readers, showing that a good mystery is a universal favorite.