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Rainbow Rowell Books in Order (12 Book Series)


Rainbow Rowell has written a series of 12 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Rainbow Rowell and what book series has this author written?

      Rainbow Rowell is a renowned author, best known for her young adult fiction books. Among her works, she has penned an impressive series called "Runaways" which is an adventurous fantasy series in order, starting with "Runaways Vol. 1: Find Your Way Home" and continuing up to "Runaways Vol. 8: End Of The Line".

    • Can you tell me about the books of Rainbow Rowell in order?

      Sure! Here is a list of author Rainbow Rowell's books in chronological order: Attachments (2011), Eleanor & Park (2012), Fangirl (2013), Landline (2014), Carry On (2015), Wayward Son (2019), and Any Way the Wind Blows (2021). In addition to these, she has been the author of the "Runaways" graphic novel series, starting with Vol. 1 in 2017 and continuing up to Vol. 8 in 2021.

    • What are some of the themes in Rainbow Rowell's books?

      Rainbow Rowell's books often delve into themes of young love, romance, and friendship. Her young adult fiction books are a reflection of the emotional complexities of adolescence and young adulthood.

    • What's the first book I should read by Rainbow Rowell?

      If you want to follow the author's work in chronological order, you should read "Attachments" first. However, if you are more into fantasy series, you can start with the "Runaways Vol. 1: Find Your Way Home".

    • Are the Runaways books by this author any good?

      Yes, they are! The Runaways series by the goodreads author Rainbow Rowell has garnered many positive reviews. Readers seem to love the engaging storyline, the interesting characters, and the well-crafted fantasy world.

    • I've heard that Rainbow Rowell wrote a series about Hulk. Is this true?

      Yes, that's true! The author Rainbow Rowell has also written a book related to the Marvel Universe, specifically "Runaways Vol. 7: The Death of the Hulk". It's an exciting spin on the famous Hulk character, blending fantasy and adventure in Rainbow Rowell's unique style.

    • Where can I find the book covers of Rainbow Rowell's books to get a sense of her style?

      You can find the book covers of Rainbow Rowell's books on various online platforms. They're often available on the author's official website, online bookstores, and book review websites. The covers often reflect the young adult, fantasy, or romance themes of the books.

    • What's the latest book by Rainbow Rowell?

      The latest book by Rainbow Rowell as of 2021 is "Any Way the Wind Blows", which is the third book in the "Simon Snow" series. Besides this, she's also continuing her work on the "Runaways" series, with "Runaways Vol. 8: End Of The Line" being the most recent addition.

    • Is there an easy way to keep track of Rainbow Rowell's books and when they are released?

      Yes, there is! You can follow the author's profile on Goodreads or Amazon for updates on new releases and Kindle publication dates. You can also check out reviews to learn more about the content and themes of her books, as well as to get a clear understanding of the types of stories she writes.