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Pike Logan Books in Order (17 Book Series)

American TraitorAll Necessary ForceDaughter of War

Pike Logan is a series of 17 books written by Brad Taylor. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 17 books


    • Can you provide the books in order for the Pike Logan series, including any new releases from January?

      Absolutely! The Pike Logan series is a compelling mix of thriller, romance, and mystery, offering an adventure with every book. You can follow Pike Logan’s journey from the start by adding them to your cart in the books in order, ensuring you enjoy the series with continuity. Begin with "One Rough Man," followed by the rest of the novels in the series order, culminating with the latest releases. The precise order can be found with the series listing on our site.

    • Where can I find the Pike Logan series order for all the books and when to read the Taskforce short stories?

      For readers eager to dive into the Pike Logan series, finding the correct series order is a breeze. Our website features a list that you can quickly access, ensuring that you read the series in the way the author intended, adding depth to the thrilling Taskforce adventures. So, for a seamless reading experience, be sure to check out the books in order for the series before you select your next Kindle read.

    • What is the first book in the Pike Logan book series, and was it published by Brad Taylor?

      The first book to kickstart your journey with the Pike Logan series is "One Rough Man." Penned by author Brad Taylor, this top-rated thriller sets the stage for the high-octane Taskforce operations and characters like Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill. It's the perfect starting point for the series order, and it's available in Kindle format as well.

    • I'm new to the Pike Logan books. Which titles should I start with in order to follow the series chronologically and enjoy the complete books in order?

      If you're new to the Pike Logan books, starting at the beginning of the series order will give you the full Taskforce experience. The introductory novel is "One Rough Man," which introduces readers to the main characters and the series' unique blend of action and intrigue. From there, continue with the books in published order for a gripping read from start to finish.

    • Can I jump into the middle of the Pike Logan series if I find a book that interests me, or should I follow the series order Brad Taylor envisioned?

      While each book in the Pike Logan series can often be enjoyed as a stand-alone thriller, you may miss some character development and overarching plot nuances by not starting from the beginning. We recommend you check out the complete books in order and begin with earlier titles to fully appreciate the intricate world that author Brad Taylor has created around Pike and his Taskforce team.

    • Are there any short stories included in the Pike Logan series, perhaps released in January or other months?

      Yes, the Pike Logan series includes thrilling short stories that provide additional action-packed Taskforce missions. These shorts offer an extra dose of adrenaline for fans waiting for the next book release or those looking to get a quick read featuring their favorite characters. They're a great complement to the novels when following the books in order, and they can easily be found on our website, often with a Kindle option as well.

    • Who is the author of the Pike Logan series, and are their books available in Kindle format, and is it correct that Brad Taylor is the author?

      The prolific author of the Pike Logan series is Brad Taylor, a retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel who brings authenticity and excitement to the Taskforce tales. All his books, including full novels and short stories, are available in Kindle format. For those looking to read the Pike Logan series in the intended series order, you can find each book in the top-rated series conveniently listed on our website, perfect for adding to your cart and diving into adventure.