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Pike Logan Books in Order (17 Book Series)

American TraitorAll Necessary ForceDaughter of War

Pike Logan is a series of 17 books written by Brad Taylor. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Could you tell me something about the Pike Logan series?

      Sure! The Pike Logan series is a collection of military thrillers written by Officer Brad Taylor. This series centers around Pike Logan, a former special forces operative who leads a covert group known as the Taskforce.

    • What kind of genre does the Pike Logan series fall under?

      Primarily, the Pike Logan series is a collection of high-paced military thrillers. While they're not romance novels, certain books in the series do develop the romantic relationship between Pike Logan and Jennifer, a fellow Taskforce operative.

    • Can you tell me about the author of the Pike Logan series?

      The Pike Logan series is written by Brad Taylor, a retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel. He's the author of multiple New York Times bestselling novels, all part of the Pike Logan series.

    • I'm a fan of Brad Taylor's writing. Where can I find all Pike Logan books in order to read?

      You can find all the books of the Pike Logan series on Amazon. Simply go to Amazon, type "Pike Logan book series by Brad Taylor" in the search bar, and you'll find a complete list. You can view details, add the books to your cart, or even read reviews before deciding which ones to buy.

    • I'm new to the Logan thriller genre. Can you suggest how to start reading the Pike Logan series?

      Definitely! To start reading the Pike Logan series, begin with the first book, "One Rough Man," published in January 2011. From there, you can read shelving the books in chronological order.

    • Can I get the Pike Logan books on Kindle?

      ndeed, the Pike Logan books are available in various formats including eBook, which you can read on your Kindle device. You can buy the Kindle versions of these books directly from Amazon.

    • I have read all the Pike Logan books. Can you tell me about other books by the same author?

      Besides the Pike Logan series, author Brad Taylor has also written a few standalone short stories and novellas. Some of these also feature Pike Logan and Jennifer, providing additional background or side adventures to the main series.

    • What is the most recent book in the Pike Logan series?

      The most recent entry in the Pike Logan series is "American Traitor," which was released in January 2021. Like the rest of the series, it focuses on Pike Logan and his Taskforce dealing with international crises.

    • Is there any romance in the Pike Logan series?

      While the main focus of the Pike Logan series is on action and military tactics, there is indeed a subplot of romance. Pike Logan's relationship with fellow Taskforce operative Jennifer evolves over the course of the series, adding a touch of romance to these thrillers.