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Phillip Margolin Books in Order (28 Book Series)


Phillip Margolin has written a series of 28 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 28 books
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      Phillip Margolin

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      Sleeping Beauty

      Phillip Margolin

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      Lost Lake

      Phillip Margolin

    4. 17

      Vanishing Acts

      Phillip Margolin

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    • Can you provide a quick overview of Phillip Margolin books and their order?

      Phillip Margolin, a renowned author, has crafted numerous legal thrillers that have captivated readers worldwide. His books often feature intricate plot twists, dynamic characters, and riveting courtroom drama. For an optimal experience, it's recommended to read Phillip Margolin books in publication order.

    • What is the correct order for the Phillip Margolin books, especially the ones in the series featuring his character Robin Lockwood?

      The Robin Lockwood series by Phillip Margolin begins with "The Third Victim," followed by "The Perfect Alibi," "A Reasonable Doubt," and "A Matter of Life and Death." Reading these books in this order will ensure a comprehensive understanding of the character's development and the overarching narrative.

    • As an author, does Phillip Margolin have any bestsellers among his novels?

      Yes, Phillip Margolin has several books that have landed on the New York Times Bestsellers list. Some of these include "Gone, But Not Forgotten," "Lost Lake," and "Sleeping Beauty."

    • I am new to Phillip Margolin books, where should I start?

      As an author, Phillip Margolin has crafted series and standalone novels. If you're inclined towards series, you might want to start with the first book in the Amanda Jaffe series, "Wild Justice." However, if you prefer standalone books, "Gone, But Not Forgotten" is a great place to start.

    • Can you give me a quick guide to Phillip Margolin's writing style?

      As an author, Phillip Margolin's writing is often categorized as legal thriller, blending elements of crime, suspense, and courtroom drama. His novels feature fast-paced narratives, complex characters, and meticulously researched legal scenarios.

    • Are there any novels by this author that are especially noteworthy or acclaimed?

      Phillip Margolin's "Gone, But Not Forgotten" and "Wild Justice" are considered classics in the legal thriller genre. Both books have been praised for their intricate plotting, compelling characters, and suspenseful narrative.

    • Can you suggest a book by Phillip Margolin featuring a strong female protagonist?

      Surely! In the Robin Lockwood series, Margolin introduces a formidable female lead. Robin Lockwood is a skilled lawyer and former MMA fighter who tackles high-stakes cases in each book.

    • How frequently does this author publish new books?

      Phillip Margolin, as an author, has been quite prolific. Since his debut in 1978, he has produced at least one book almost every year.

    • What's unique about Phillip Margolin's approach to writing legal thrillers?

      As an author, Phillip Margolin's novels stand out due to his real-life experience as a criminal defense attorney. This expertise allows him to infuse his novels with authenticity, giving readers an inside look at the legal world.