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Pearl S Buck Books in Order (88 Book Series)

A Bridge for Passing14 StoriesA House Divided

Pearl S Buck has written a series of 88 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 88 books
    1. 5

      The Mother

      Pearl S. Buck

    2. 7

      The Exile

      Pearl S. Buck

    3. 9

      The Big Wave

      Pearl S. Buck

    4. 15

      Dragon Seed

      Pearl S. Buck

    5. 18

      The Promise

      Pearl S. Buck

    6. 27


      Pearl S. Buck

    7. 30

      God's Men

      Pearl S. Buck

    8. 36

      China Sky

      Pearl S. Buck

    9. 42

      14 Stories

      Pearl S. Buck

    10. 57


      Pearl S. Buck

    11. 73

      The Rainbow

      Pearl S. Buck

    12. 84

      The Enemy

      Pearl S. Buck

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    • Who is this author John Sedges that I've come across while looking for Pearl S Buck's books in order?

      Great question! John Sedges is actually a pseudonym used by author Pearl S Buck for some of her more mystery-oriented works.

    • Can you help me find the order of books by this author, specifically her novels?

      Certainly! Pearl S Buck's books, especially her novels, are categorized into different genres such as general fiction, romance, and historical narratives, among others. You can search through online book stores or even her official website to find the chronological order of her books.

    • What kind of fiction did Pearl S Buck write?

      Pearl S Buck is renowned for her diverse grasp on fiction. She wrote novels that fall under several genres including mystery, romance, fantasy, and historical fiction. Her books often depicted life in China, drawing from her own experiences there. She also wrote under the pseudonym John Sedges for some of her mystery novels.

    • What's the deal with Pearl S Buck's book covers? Are they worth collecting?

      Without a doubt, Pearl S Buck's book covers are often appreciated for their artistry. Whether you're a fan of the author's work or a book collector, they are certainly worth adding to your collection. Just remember to add them to your wishlist quick!

    • I'm trying to read "Saving Fish from Drowning" but it seems to be out of order. Any tips?

      If you're having trouble keeping up with the order, it might be a good idea to add the book to your wishlist for a quick add later. Alternatively, you can also check online for a summary or reading guide to help you understand the book's sequence better.

    • Where can I buy Pearl S Buck's books?

      You can find Pearl S Buck's books in many places. They are available in both paperback and Kindle editions on popular online bookshops. Don't forget to check your wishlist and remove any duplicates to make some room for new books!

    • Is there a way to keep track of the books I've read by Pearl S Buck and the ones I want to read next?

      Absolutely! When you find a book by Pearl S Buck that you have read, you can remove it from your wishlist. And when you find a book you want to read next, you can quickly add it to your wishlist. That's a great way to keep track!

    • Can you recommend any of Pearl S Buck's young adult fiction?

      Yes! Pearl S Buck wrote several books suitable for young adults. You might want to start with her Earth Trilogy series. These books offer a rich depiction of Chinese family life and are often cited as some of Buck's best work.

    • How do I gift Pearl S Buck's books to my friends?

      That's a wonderful idea! You can buy gift cards from most online bookshops that sell Pearl S Buck's books. Your friends can then use these gift cards to choose the books they want to read. Just remember to make sure the books they want are added to their wishlist!