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Nelson DeMille Books in Order (32 Book Series)

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Nelson DeMille is a series of 32 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Nelson DeMille

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      Nelson DeMille

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      Nelson DeMille

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      Nelson DeMille

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    • Can you tell me about nelson demille books and in what reading order should I approach them?

      Of course. Nelson DeMille's books are primarily mystery and suspense novels, and they have been enthralling readers for quite some time ago. The reading order depends on the series. If you're interested in the John Corey series, for instance, you'd start with "Plum Island" and follow the series in order.

    • Speaking of the John Corey series, what are some of the novels in that series and their publication order?

      The John Corey series by author Nelson DeMille includes gripping thrillers such as "Plum Island", "The Lion's Game", "Night Fall", and several others. The publication order starts with "Plum Island" published in 1997, followed by "The Lion's Game" in 2000, then "Night Fall" in 2004, and so on.

    • How would I go about finding the published details of nelson demille's books?

      That's simple. Each Nelson DeMille book has its title published details easily accessible online. They specify the publication date, author details, and often provide a short story synopsis.

    • Is there any character as popular as John Corey in nelson demille's other books?

      Yes, Nelson DeMille has created several memorable characters in his novels. Besides John Corey, characters like Paul Brenner from "The General's Daughter" and Mac MacCormick from "The Cuban Affair" series are also quite popular.

    • I am part of a book club, and we are focusing on thriller novels. Would Nelson DeMille's books be a good fit for us?

      Absolutely! Nelson DeMille's novels, especially the John Corey thrillers, would make a great addition to your book club. They offer a lot of suspense and mystery which can make for intriguing discussions. There's even a club guide available to help facilitate your meetings.

    • I've heard a lot about the author Nelson DeMille. Can you tell me more about his writing style and the genres he explores in his books?

      Author Nelson DeMille primarily writes in the mystery and thriller genres. His writing style is engaging, with well-researched plots and often a dose of humor. His books span a wide range of topics, from political intrigue and espionage to murder and mayhem.

    • I like listening to books more than reading. Are there Nelson DeMille books available in audiobook buy order?

      Yes, many of Nelson DeMille's novels are available in audiobook format. The buy order would depend on your preference, whether you want to follow the series order or choose standalone novels. There's also a guide audiobook available to help you navigate.

    • I've come across a few books co-authored by Nelson DeMille and Lisa Scottoline. Can you tell me something about these?

      Sure. Nelson DeMille and Lisa Scottoline have co-authored a short story titled "The Mystery Writer". It's a thrilling tale which showcases the best of both authors' writing styles.

    • How do the prices of Nelson DeMille's novels vary between hardcover, kindle, and audiobook versions?

      The price can vary based on the format. Hardcover novels are typically the most expensive, followed by Kindle versions, and then audiobooks. However, prices can also depend on the specific title, its popularity, and whether it's a part of a series or a standalone novel.