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Murder She Wrote Books in Order (59 Book Series)

A Deadly JudgmentA Date with MurderA Fatal Feast

Murder She Wrote is a series of 59 books written by 3 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author of the "Murder She Wrote" series?

      The renowned "Murder She Wrote" series is penned by author Donald Bain. He imaginatively brought the character of Jessica Fletcher to life in these mystery fiction books.

    • What is the first book in the "Murder She Wrote" series?

      The first book in the "Murder She Wrote" series is "Gin and Daggers". This cozy mystery pilots the series that went on to become a top choice among fans of detective series, paving the way for a complete selection of intrigue and suspense.

    • What is the second book in the "Murder She Wrote" series?

      "Manhattans and Murder" is the second book in the series "Murder She Wrote". It successfully continued the momentum of the series, adding to the beloved collection of mystery books.

    • Is there a recommended order when reading the "Murder She Wrote" books?

      Yes, it is usually recommended to read the "Murder She Wrote" books in the order they were published. This allows the reader to follow the narrative arc of Jessica Fletcher's detective escapades as imagined by Bain Jessica and Fletcher Donald.

    • Are the "Murder She Wrote" books based on a TV series?

      Yes, the "Murder She Wrote" books are based on one of the longest-running detective shows in TV history. This popular series was transformed into a series of books by author Donald Bain.

    • Are there audio versions available for the "Murder She Wrote" series?

      Yes, there are audio versions available for the "Murder She Wrote" series. The complete selection has been recorded and is offered as an audible series. This allows fans of the series to enjoy the mysteries in a whole new format.

    • Can I add these books to my Kindle?

      Absolutely! You can add the series "Murder She Wrote" to your Kindle library. This includes the initial book, "Gin and Daggers", as well as the subsequent mysteries, allowing you to have a complete digital collection of this popular detective series.

    • Are all "Murder She Wrote" books set in the United States?

      Although many of the "Murder She Wrote" books are set in the U.S., the series isn't limited to American locales. For instance, the first book, "Gin and Daggers", involves a British detective and is set in the U.K., adding a cross-cultural flavor to the series.

    • How can I keep track of the books I've read in the "Murder She Wrote" series?

      One simple method is to add the "Murder She Wrote" books you've read to a cart on a bookseller's website. This way, you can easily see which books from the series you've completed and which ones you're missing, making it easier to enjoy the entire selection of these top mystery fiction works.