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Monica Ferris Books in Order (19 Book Series)

A Stitch in TimeA Murderous YarnAnd Then You Dye

Monica Ferris has written a series of 19 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Monica Ferris and what is she known for?

      Monica Ferris is a renowned author, best known for her bestselling needlecraft series. This fiction series, set in a small-town needlecraft shop, features a cozy mystery in every book, each revolving around the art of needlework.

    • What genre do Monica Ferris’s books fall into?

      Monica Ferris primarily writes in the cozy mystery genre. Her books often revolve around needlecraft, adding a unique spin to the classic mystery tale.

    • Can you tell me about her needlecraft series?

      The needlecraft series by author Monica Ferris is a collection of cozy mysteries set in a needlework shop owned by Betsy Devonshire. Each book in the series presents a new mystery for Betsy to solve, often involving intricate details about needlecraft.

    • What is the first book in Monica Ferris's series?

      The first book in the needlecraft series is "Crewel World." This mystery introduces us to Betsy Devonshire, the owner of a small-town needlecraft shop. When her sister is found murdered, Betsy finds herself tangled in a mystery that only her needlecraft requires her to unravel.

    • What is the order of Monica Ferris’s books?

      The books should be read in the order of their release, starting from "Crewel World," followed by "Framed in Lace," and so on. The author's website, monica-ferris.com, provides a comprehensive menu shelve of all her books in order.

    • Are Monica Ferris's books available in different formats?

      Yes, Monica Ferris's books are available in both hardcover paperback and paperback kindle formats. Depending on your reading preference, you can choose to buy either from the publisher Berkley.

    • How often does Monica Ferris release new books in the needlecraft series?

      Monica Ferris releases a new book in the needlecraft series at a fairly steady pace. Although the exact shelf rate varies, you can expect a new release every one to two years.

    • Are there any romantic elements in Monica Ferris's mystery books?

      While the primary focus of Monica Ferris's books is mystery, there are elements of romance woven into the tales. These are often subtle and secondary to the main plot, adding a layer of depth to the characters and the town they live in.

    • How would you categorize the feel of Monica Ferris's mysteries?

      Monica Ferris's mysteries can be best categorized as cozy mysteries. The setting of a small-town needlecraft shop, the everyday lives of the characters, and the emphasis on community alongside the mystery element all contribute to a cozy, comforting reading experience.