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Dervla McTiernan Books in Order (4 Book Series)


Dervla McTiernan has written a series of 4 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Could you tell me the order of the Dervla McTiernan books in the Cormac Reilly series?

      Of course. The novels in the Cormac Reilly series by author Dervla McTiernan are in the following order: "The Ruin" (2018), "The Scholar" (2019), and "The Good Turn" (2020). There's also a Cormac Reilly prequel named "The Sisters" (2019).

    • I'm a big fan of Dervla McTiernan. Could you tell me more about her?

      Dervla McTiernan is an accomplished author in the genre of crime fiction. She has created an intriguing series centered around the character Cormac Reilly, a detective based in Ireland. She's earned an avg rating of 4.05 stars on Goodreads, which is no small feat!

    • Is there a particular order in which I should read Dervla McTiernan's Cormac Reilly books?

      While each book in the series can be enjoyed as a standalone, the author Dervla suggests reading them in the order they were published for the best experience. This means starting with "The Ruin", then "The Scholar", followed by the Cormac Reilly prequel "The Sisters", and finally "The Good Turn".

    • Hold on, there's a prequel in the Cormac Reilly series? Can you provide more details?

      Yes, indeed! "The Sisters" is a prequel to the Cormac Reilly series. This book gives us a glimpse into the backstory of Cormac Reilly and his early days as a detective.

    • I prefer reading hardcover books. Are Dervla McTiernan’s novels available in hardcover?

      Definitely! Dervla Mctiernan's books are available in hardcover, paperback, and even on Kindle. You can check out various online and physical stores to buy them.

    • How can I stay updated about Dervla McTiernan's latest books?

      One way to stay updated about the latest books from Dervla Mctiernan is to subscribe to her newsletter. By doing so, you'll receive firsthand information about her latest releases and other updates.

    • I've heard that Dervla McTiernan's novels have been compared to the work of Hoover Colleen. Is that true?

      While both authors have written successful novels, their genres are quite different. Dervla Mctiernan is known for her crime fiction and mystery novels featuring Cormac Reilly, while Hoover Colleen is famous for her romance novels.

    • Is there a rating system for Dervla McTiernan's books?

      Yes, various platforms provide a rating system for books. For instance, Goodreads users can rate books on a scale from 1 to 5. "The Ruin", the first book in the Cormac Reilly series, has an impressive avg rating of 4.05 stars.

    • I heard there was an error in the rating of one of Dervla McTiernan's books. Is that true?

      There can occasionally be discrepancies or errors in the ratings of books on various platforms, but any such issues are usually rectified quickly. If you spot an error in the rating of a Dervla Mctiernan book, it's best to contact the platform directly.