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Melissa Foster Books in Order (115 Book Series)

A Very Braden ChristmasA Little Bit WickedAlways Her Love

Melissa Foster has written a series of 115 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 115 books
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      Megan's Way

      Melissa Foster

    2. 8

      Have No Shame

      Melissa Foster

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    115 books in this series

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    • Who is Melissa Foster and what types of books does she write?

      Melissa Foster is an acclaimed author in the genre of contemporary romance. She has a knack for crafting tales filled with romance, love, and a touch of mystery. Her books have made her a favorite among readers who enjoy this unique blend of fiction themes.

    • Is Melissa Foster a prolific author? How many series has she written?

      Yes, Melissa Foster is indeed a prolific author. She has written numerous series, each with its own unique charm and romance. Some of her series have even been noted for their exploration of the romance genre in new and exciting ways, pushing the boundaries of contemporary fiction.

    • What is the order of publication for Melissa Foster's books?

      Melissa Foster's books have been published in a specific series order that enhances the overall narrative of her stories. Each book title is carefully selected to fit within the larger context of its series, and this order is easily accessible for readers who want to follow along with the unfolding romance.

    • Are all of Melissa Foster's books available in paperback?

      Yes, all of Melissa Foster's books are available in paperback. For those who prefer a digital format, they are also available for kindle publication. This means that whether you love the feel of a paperback book or the convenience of a kindle, you can dive into Melissa's world of fiction and romance.

    • Can I find the book covers of all Melissa Foster's books online?

      Yes, you can certainly find all of Melissa Foster's book covers online. They're often beautifully designed and evoke the romance and mystery inherent in her contemporary fiction. Plus, they're a fantastic way to get a sense of the story before you buy the book.

    • Is there a quick way to add Melissa Foster's books to my wishlist?

      Yes, there's a "wishlist quick add" feature available on many online platforms that sell her books. It enables you to add her books straight to your wishlist with just a click. If you later decide you're no longer interested in that particular book, you can have it wishlist removed just as easily.

    • Are there any books by other authors that are similar to those by Melissa Foster?

      Yes, there are other authors who write in a similar vein to Melissa. They also explore the themes of romance and love in their fiction, sometimes incorporating elements of mystery as well. If you enjoy Melissa's work, you might want to check out their books as well.

    • Can I receive updates about Melissa Foster's new publications?

      Absolutely! Melissa often announces her new books through a newsletter. When a new title is added to one of her series, she'll let her newsletter subscribers know right away. This means you can wishlist added her new releases as soon as they're announced.

    • Has Melissa Foster received any notable recognition for her works?

      Yes, indeed! Melissa Foster's books have earned her recognition from the York Times, among other prominent publications. Her books, especially those in her "Island Love" series, have been hugely popular among fans of contemporary romance fiction.