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Maximum Ride Books in Order (9 Book Series)


Maximum Ride is a series of 9 books written by James Patterson. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the Maximum Ride series?

      The Maximum Ride series is a set of nine primary works of fiction written by esteemed author James Patterson. Centered around Max, the protagonist, the series incorporates elements of adventure, romance, and science fiction. These books follow Max's quest as she navigates through a world filled with both danger and romance.

    • Can you tell me the order of the Maximum Ride books?

      Absolutely, the Maximum Ride series in order begins with "The Angel Experiment", followed by "School's Out - Forever", "Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports", "The Final Warning", "Max", "Fang", "Angel", "Nevermore", and finally "Maximum Ride Forever". These books should ideally be read in this sequence for a seamless reading experience.

    • How do I get the Maximum Ride books, authored by James Patterson, for my Kindle?

      The best way is to search for "Kindle Maximum Ride series" on your preferred online book store. Once you find the series, you can add them to your cart, and during the checkout process, select your Kindle as the receiving device.

    • Can I add these books to my wishlist quick?

      Yes, most online platforms offer a "wishlist quick add" option. By clicking on this option, you can quickly add all the books of the Maximum Ride series to your wishlist.

    • What is the shelf rate of the Maximum Ride series?

      The shelf rate can vary depending on the platform, the condition of the books (new or used), and whether the books are hardcover or paperback. But, generally, the Maximum Ride books are quite affordable, making them accessible for readers of all ages.

    • Are there any reviews on the Maximum Ride series?

      Yes, you will find that many platforms have a section dedicated to reviews. By clicking the "reviews add" or "review learn" button, you can access many reviews on the Maximum Ride series. These reviews will give you insights into the book series and help you decide if it's the right fit for you.

    • I enjoy reading manga. Is there a manga version of the Maximum Ride series?

      Yes, there is indeed a Maximum Ride manga series! The series currently has nine volumes, or "manga vol", and faithfully recreates the adventure and romance that is present in the original fiction books.

    • Are the Maximum Ride books only for young readers, or can older readers enjoy it as well?

      The beauty of the Maximum Ride series is that it caters to readers across different age groups. While the primary works may have been targeted at younger readers, the compelling storyline, fleshed out characters, and the blend of adventure and romance appeals to older readers as well.

    • I have read all the Maximum Ride books in order. What should I read next?

      James Patterson has penned numerous top series, aside from the Maximum Ride books. If you enjoyed reading about Max's world, you might want to explore some of his other works. Consider adding them to your "menu shelve" for future reading.