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Lucas Davenport Books in Order (32 Book Series)


Lucas Davenport is a series of 32 books written by John Sandford. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    32 books in this series

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    • Can you tell me about the Lucas Davenport books and the author of them?

      Absolutely! The Lucas Davenport series is a collection of novels written by the New York Times-bestselling author, John Sandford. As for the details, you can add them to your reading list, view the details, and even find the shelf rate for each book in the series.

    • How would you suggest I read the Lucas Davenport series in order?

      The best way to read the Lucas Davenport series is in publication order. This way, you can delve deeper into each case as Davenport investigates, following the chronological unfolding of his adventures.

    • What is the series order of the Lucas Davenport books?

      The series order is as follows: "Rules of Prey", "Shadow Prey", "Eyes of Prey", "Silent Prey", and so on. To view the entire Lucas Davenport series in order, you can check out the Amazon view or the menu shelve on the official author's website.

    • Who is the author of the Lucas Davenport series?

      The author of the Lucas Davenport series is John Sandford, a highly-acclaimed writer known for his thrilling prey books.

    • I'm confused about the books in the series. Can you clarify?

      Certainly. The series consists of a multitude of thriller novels, all centered around the character of Lucas Davenport. Each book in the series is a different case that Davenport investigates, leading to action-packed, dangerous scenarios.

    • How does John Sandford's other series, the 'Flowers' series, relate to the Lucas Davenport novels?

      The 'Flowers' series is a spin-off from the Lucas Davenport series, featuring a character named Virgil Flowers who was introduced in the Davenport series. It's a separate series but it exists in the same universe.

    • Are there different formats available for Lucas Davenport books?

      Yes, you can find the Lucas Davenport books in various formats. These include kindle for digital readers, paperback for traditional book lovers, and even audiobooks for those who like to listen. You can add these to your cart on Amazon or other online retailers.

    • Does reading the Lucas Davenport series require any prior knowledge?

      Not at all. Each book in the Lucas Davenport series is a standalone story. However, some plot points and character development might be better appreciated if the books are read in order.

    • How have the Lucas Davenport books been received by critics and readers?

      The Lucas Davenport series by John Sandford has been well-received, with many books making it to the top of bestseller lists. Critics have praised the series for its gripping narratives and complex characters. Readers have loved the thrill of following along as Lucas solves each case.