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Loreth Anne White Books in Order (29 Book Series)


Loreth Anne White has written a series of 29 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 29 books
    1. 8

      Breaking Free

      Loreth Anne White

    2. 25

      In the Dark

      Loreth Anne White

    3. 27

      In the Deep

      Loreth Anne White

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    • Who is Loreth Anne White?

      Loreth Anne White is a popular author who has made a name for herself in the genres of romance, contemporary romance, and psychological suspense. Her books often feature compelling characters and intriguing plots. She's also known for her ability to blend romance with a dash of suspense, making her a favorite among those who enjoy heart-pounding love stories.

    • Is Loreth Anne White an author on Goodreads?

      Yes, Loreth Anne White is a recognized Goodreads author. This is a platform where she interacts with her readers, provides updates on her upcoming books, and receives ratings and reviews on her published works.

    • What types of books does Loreth Anne White write?

      Loreth Anne White writes a variety of books. She started her career writing contemporary romance novels for Harlequin's 'Boon Intimate' line. She then expanded into psychological suspense and romantic suspense, with a few young adult stories thrown in for good measure.

    • Can you name any series by Loreth Anne White?

      Certainly! Loreth has written several series, but one of her most notable series is the 'Detective Angie Pallorino' series. This series is a blend of police procedural and romantic suspense, and has garnered high ratings from critics and readers alike.

    • What is the order of the books in the 'Detective Angie Pallorino' series?

      The 'Detective Angie Pallorino' series by Loreth Anne White should be read in the following order for the best experience: The Drowned Girls, The Lullaby Girl, and The Girl in the Moss. All of these books were released in Kindle publication and have received high ratings from readers.

    • What is the rating of Loreth Anne White's books on Goodreads?

      Loreth Anne White's books typically receive high ratings on Goodreads. For instance, the contemporary romance book 'In the Dark' holds a rating of 4.01 out of 5 stars. Users can rate a book and bookmark the rate on the Goodreads platform.

    • How can I review Loreth Anne White's books?

      You can review Loreth Anne White's books on a number of platforms, including Goodreads and Amazon. Simply search for the book you want to review, click on 'Rate this Book', and share your thoughts! Remember, your reviews can help other readers decide whether or not to pick up a particular title.

    • I have a problem with the sequence of Loreth Anne White's books. How can I get the correct order?

      If you're having trouble with the order of Loreth Anne White's books, a good starting point would be the author's official website or her Goodreads author page. These platforms typically list books in the correct chronological order, often with a brief synopsis for each.

    • Is Loreth Anne White only a romance author?

      While Loreth Anne White is known for her romantic suspense and contemporary romance novels, she has also ventured into other genres. These include young adult fiction and psychological suspense, showcasing her versatility as an author.