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Archer Mayor Books in Order (36 Book Series)

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Archer Mayor has written a series of 36 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 36 books


    • Can you provide a list of Archer Mayor books in order?

      Yes, on Most Recommended Books, you're able to follow the Joe Gunther series in publish sequence by Archer Mayor. We make it easy for fans to track the entire collection from the beginning without missing any step in Joe Gunther's journey. Just check out our selection on the menu.

    • How do I know I'm reading the books in the series in order?

      We've carefully organized the series order on our page to ensure you can easily find the next book you need. Each book link guides you directly to Amazon where you can continue your reading adventure with the Archer Mayor books in order.

    • I'm new to Archer Mayor, can you tell me the correct series order?

      Absolutely, welcome to the captivating world of Archer Mayor! The Joe Gunther series starts with "Open Season" and continues from there. For the full series order, our website is the perfect guide.

    • Does Archer Mayor have any standalone books or does he only write series?

      Archer Mayor is best known for his Joe Gunther series, and all his books featuring this character are interconnected. While Mayor focuses primarily on this series, each book can also be enjoyed on its own for its individual mystery.

    • I'm a fan of Joe Gunther, but I’ve lost track of which books I’ve read. How can I find the complete series order through the menu?

      We understand keeping track of a long series can be challenging. On Most Recommended Books, you'll find the complete Joe Gunther series listed in order, so it’s easy to spot which one you’re up to.

    • Can you tell me why Archer Mayor is such a beloved author?

      Archer Mayor brings to life the character Joe Gunther and crafts intricate mysteries set in New England. His attention to detail and authentic storytelling have garnered a loyal readership. He's not just an author; he's considered a master of the genre.

    • I just finished the latest Joe Gunther book. How do I stay updated on the next release from Archer Mayor?

      To stay updated with Joe's next chapter and any new release from Archer Mayor, keep an eye on our menu where we promptly list new books as they are announced and provide links to order them from Amazon.