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Linda Howard Books in Order (66 Book Series)

A Lady of the WestA Game of ChanceAfter Sundown

Linda Howard has written a series of 66 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 66 books
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      Linda Howard

    2. 24

      Dream Man

      Linda Howard

    3. 38

      Blue Moon

      Linda Howard

    4. 55


      Linda Howard

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      Linda Howard

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      Linda Howard

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    • Who is the author Linda Howard?

      Linda Howard is a New York Times bestselling author known particularly for her romantic suspense novels. Having written several series, she has won various awards including the Romance Reader award.

    • Can you provide an overview of Linda Howard books?

      Yes, Linda Howard's books primarily fit into the genres of romantic suspense and contemporary romance. Her novels often feature strong, able women and the men who love them. A common theme is the balance of love and life amidst danger.

    • I am interested in her books, but I am unsure where to start. Is there a specific order to read Linda Howard's novels?

      Yes, there is a specific publication order to follow, especially for her series. For example, the 'Mackenzie' series starts with 'Mackenzie's Mountain' and follows with several other novels featuring the Mackenzie family. Kindle Mackenzie novels are also available if you prefer that format.

    • What if I want to keep track of which Linda Howard books I have read and which ones I want to read next?

      You can use the "wishlist quick add" feature on various book websites. After reading a book, you can choose "wishlist removed" so you know you've completed it. If you find a Linda Howard book you want to read in the future, simply select "wishlist added". It's a handy way to keep your reading in order.

    • Can you tell me more about the quality of Linda Howard's novels?

      Absolutely, Linda Howard is a favorite among romance readers, and her books generally receive a high avg rating. Her book covers are often as captivating as the stories they contain, adding to the pleasure of the reading experience.

    • I'm a paperback lover. Do I have an option to buy Linda Howard's books in paperback form?

      Yes, you absolutely can buy Linda Howard novels in paperback if that's your preference. Many readers love the feel of a physical book in their hands.

    • I heard that Linda Howard wrote a series about a man called Mackenzie. Can you give me more details?

      Yes, the Mackenzie series is one of Linda Howard's most popular. It revolves around the lives of the Mackenzie men and their love interests. Throughout the series, we see the Mackenzie men face challenges in life and love, often against the backdrop of suspense and danger.

    • I'm a fan of romantic suspense. Can you recommend a Linda Howard book in this genre?

      Yes, 'Mr. Perfect' is a standalone novel by author Linda Howard that beautifully combines romance and suspense. It's about a woman named Angie who makes a list of attributes for the "perfect man", only to find herself the target of a killer after her list goes viral in her small town.

    • Lastly, could you tell me about a Linda Howard book in the contemporary romance genre?

      Yes, 'After the Night' is a contemporary romance novel by Linda Howard. It tells the story of a woman returning to her hometown to face the man who ruined her family's life. It's a powerful story of love, forgiveness, and triumph over life's hardships.