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Nancy Drew Books in Order (175 Book Series)

A Taste of DangerA Secret in TimeCaptive Witness

Nancy Drew is a series of 175 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm new to the nancy drew series and I'm wondering how to read the books in the right order. Can you help?

      Absolutely! The Nancy Drew books were mostly written in chronological order, so you can start with the first book, "The Secret of the Old Clock," and proceed from there. However, it's worth noting that the stories are largely standalone, so you don't necessarily have to read them in order.

    • Can you tell me more about the author who wrote the nancy drew books?

      The Nancy Drew series was penned under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. However, multiple authors actually contributed to the series over the years, with Mildred Wirt Benson writing many of the earliest novels.

    • Are these books considered bestsellers?

      Yes, they have indeed been bestsellers! The Nancy Drew series has been popular since its inception in the 1930s and continues to be beloved by readers of all ages.

    • What is the first book in the nancy drew series?

      The first book in the series is "The Secret of the Old Clock," which was published in 1930.

    • How many books are there in the nancy drew series?

      The original Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series features 56 books. However, there have been numerous spin-offs and continuations, taking the total number of books up to well over 200!

    • I'm a collector and prefer hardcover editions. Are the nancy drew books available in hardcover format?

      Yes, the Nancy Drew books are indeed available in hardcover. In fact, the first editions of the books were released in hardcover.

    • I've heard that the order of the books can sometimes be confusing. Is that true?

      This is partly true. While most of the novels can be read as standalone stories, there are occasional references to past adventures. For the most part, though, you can pick up any book and enjoy it without having read the previous ones.

    • What's the best order to read the nancy drew books?

      The simplest answer would be to read them in publication order, starting with "The Secret of the Old Clock." However, because the stories are largely standalone, you could also choose to read them based on which plots interest you the most.

    • Are all the nancy drew novels appropriate for all age groups?

      The Nancy Drew novels are generally considered appropriate for middle grade readers and up, but they've been enjoyed by people of all ages! They're mysteries, but they're not overly violent or scary, making them a great choice for younger readers as well.