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Lauren Blakely Books in Order (123 Book Series)


Lauren Blakely is a series of 123 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 123 books
    1. 32

      Stud Finder

      Lauren Blakely

    2. 38

      The V Card

      Lauren Blakely

    3. 95

      The Muse

      Lauren Blakely

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    • Can you tell me about Lauren Blakely books and what kind of genre they are in?

      Sure, Lauren Blakely's books are primarily contemporary romance novels. She's a prolific author known for her sexy, seductive, and romantic stories.

    • As a New York Times bestselling author, how many books has Lauren Blakely written?

      The author Lauren Blakely has written numerous novels, too many to simply list off the top of my head. She's a favorite among fans of contemporary romance and her books often make it to the New York Times Bestseller list.

    • Is there a particular order to read the Lauren Blakely books?

      Yes, there is a recommended reading order for Lauren Blakely's novels. While each book is a standalone, they are often interconnected and can be more enjoyable when read in order.

    • Are there any series among the Lauren Blakely books?

      Yes! For instance, there's the "Sinful Nights" series which includes the Kindle Sinful aka Sinful Love, and the "Seductive Nights" series. These series are a testament to her skill in weaving romantic tales that keep readers hooked night after night.

    • How well are these books rated? I'm looking for a rating to guide my next book purchase.

      The rating of Lauren Blakely's books is generally high, signifying the author’s ability to consistently deliver quality romance novels. Fans rate book after book highly for their engaging plots and relatable characters.

    • What does the author Lauren Blakely's book covers look like? I love books with attractive covers.

      Lauren Blakely's book covers are typically vibrant and eye-catching, often featuring handsome men and beautiful women in romantic poses. They certainly help to set the tone for the sexy, love-filled stories within.

    • Where can I buy Lauren Blakely books? Are they available on Kindle?

      Yes, you can buy Lauren Blakely's books on various platforms, including Kindle. In fact, some of her books, like Kindle Sinful, are available for free on Kindle.

    • Can you recommend any specific Lauren Blakely books for someone who loves romance?

      If you love romance, a good starting point could be the "Sinful Nights" or "Seductive Nights" series. Her standalone novels like "The Sexy One" and "The Hot One" are also highly recommended.

    • Do you have any fun facts about the author Lauren Blakely?

      Yes, did you know that the author Lauren Blakely self-publishes all her books? She's a true power woman in the world of contemporary romance.