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Roy Grace Books in Order (19 Book Series)


Roy Grace is a series of 19 books written by Peter James. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I've heard about the Roy Grace series. Can you tell me more about it?

      Sure! The Roy Grace series is a popular set of detective novels penned by the author Peter James. The series, set in Brighton, follows the life and work of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace as he solves a range of mystery fictional crimes, meticulously crafted by James. The author's deep research into the intricacies of detective work breathes life into the Roy Grace books, making them a staple for mystery and detective fiction lovers.

    • What is the correct order to read the Roy Grace books?

      Reading the Roy Grace books in order is highly recommended due to the character development and plot continuity. The series begins with "Dead Simple" and follows a chronological sequence, featuring Superintendent Roy Grace in his never-ending quest to solve Brighton's most complex fictional mysteries. Reading them out of order might leave you missing some key details.

    • Can you tell me more about the author of the Roy Grace series?

      Certainly. The author of the Roy Grace series is Peter James. An established name in detective and mystery fiction, James is known for his meticulous research and richly detailed novels. His work, particularly with the Roy Grace series, has attracted a broad readership, ranging from young adults to seasoned detective fiction fans. He has a knack for creating suspenseful and engaging narratives that keep readers glued to the page.

    • How many books are there in the Roy Grace series?

      The Roy Grace series by Peter James currently consists of 16 books. The first book, "Dead Simple", was published in 2005 and the series has grown in popularity ever since. Each new book adds a layer of complexity to the life of the protagonist, Superintendent Grace, and continues to immerse readers in the fictional world of Brighton crime-solving.

    • Could you tell me more about the first few books in the series?

      Absolutely. The Roy Grace series begins with "Dead Simple", followed by "Looking Good Dead" and "Not Dead Enough". In "Dead Simple", Grace finds himself embroiled in a case of a missing groom, while "Looking Good Dead" takes him on a rollercoaster ride involving a vicious killer. "Not Dead Enough", on the other hand, sees Grace dealing with a chilling case of mistaken identity. The depth of these books lies in their ability to blend mystery, detective work, and elements of life in Brighton.

    • Which Roy Grace book would you recommend for a beginner?

      As a starting point, "Dead Simple", the first book in the Roy Grace series is a great place to dive in. This book introduces Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, his life, and his approach to solving mysteries. It sets the stage for the series beautifully, immersing readers into the heart of Brighton as Grace begins his first major case.

    • Are the Roy Grace books available in both hardcover and paperback?

      Yes, the Roy Grace books by Peter James are available in both hardcover and paperback formats. Some editions also come with special features like author notes and reading guides. Additionally, for the tech-savvy, the books are also available on Kindle.

    • How do I buy the Roy Grace books?

      Purchasing the Roy Grace books is as simple as clicking a button. Each book page opens with the option to add to cart or buy now, and you have the choice of hardcover, paperback, or Kindle versions. Once you're done, simply proceed to checkout.

    • Can I read other genres from Peter James besides detective fiction?

      Yes, Peter James is a versatile author who has written across a range of genres. Besides detective fiction, he has also written fantasy, romance, and young adult novels. His writing is highly regarded for its captivating storytelling across all genres, not just the Roy Grace series.