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Laura Ingalls Wilder Books in Order (16 Book Series)

Dear LauraBy the Shores of Silver LakeFarmer Boy

Laura Ingalls Wilder has written a series of 16 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author behind the Laura Ingalls Wilder book series?

      Laura Ingalls Wilder is the renowned author behind the famous "Little House" series. She wrote novels based on her own family's experiences as pioneers in the American Midwest in the late 19th century. Laura penned the first book when she was in her 60s and continued writing about her family's years of hardship, adventure, and love for a decade.

    • In what order should I read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books?

      The "Little House" books by Laura Ingalls Wilder are best read in the order they were published. Starting with "Little House in the Big Woods", followed by "Farmer Boy", "Little House on the Prairie", "On the Banks of Plum Creek", "By the Shores of Silver Lake", "The Long Winter", "Little Town on the Prairie", "These Happy Golden Years", and finally, "The First Four Years". This order allows you to follow Laura's life chronologically.

    • How would you review the Laura Ingalls Wilder books?

      As reviews go, Laura Ingalls Wilder's books are universally regarded as classics of children's literature. They offer a vivid and often romantic depiction of frontier life that has captivated readers for decades. Journeying with Laura and her family through their trials and triumphs provides a poignant insight into American history. Worth noting is the clear rating system used to evaluate these books, where despite an error rating here and there, Wilder's books maintain a high avg rating among readers.

    • Can I find Laura Ingalls Wilder's books in a format other than hardcover or paperback?

      Yes, indeed you can! Laura Ingalls Wilder's books are available in a variety of formats to suit different reading preferences. There are Kindle Laura Ingalls versions for those who prefer digital reading. For visually impaired readers, the NLS catalog provides reading materials in Braille and audio reading versions of the "Little House" books.

    • Did Laura Ingalls Wilder write any fiction books outside her family story series?

      While Laura Ingalls Wilder is best known for her "Little House" series, these books are not wholly fiction - they're based on her own life experiences. However, they do contain elements of fictionalized narrative to make the stories more engaging. Wilder did not write any other fiction books outside of this series.

    • Who continued the "Little House" series after Laura Ingalls Wilder?

      After Laura Ingalls Wilder's last book, author Melissa Wiley took on the task of continuing the "Little House" series. Wiley wrote a series of prequels and sequels to further explore the lives of Laura's family members, like her great-grandmother Martha, grandmother Charlotte, and mother Caroline.

    • Is there any romance in Laura Ingalls Wilder's books?

      Yes, there is. In Laura Ingalls Wilder's book series, a key romance is between Laura and Almanzo Wilder. Their love story begins in "Little Town on the Prairie" and culminates in "These Happy Golden Years", where Almanzo proposes and Laura accepts. The couple's early years of marriage are detailed in "The First Four Years".

    • Are Laura Ingalls Wilder's books suitable for children and what age group would you recommend them to?

      Laura's books are perfect for children, although they can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. They are typically recommended for ages 8-12, but the historical perspective and timeless themes of family, love, and resilience make them a delightful read for older audiences as well.

    • Are Laura Ingalls Wilder's books still popular today?

      Absolutely. Laura Ingalls Wilder's books continue to captivate readers, both young and old, with their mix of history, adventure, and family dynamics. The timeless appeal of the Ingalls family's pioneering spirit and their resilience in the face of adversity ensures that Wilder's books remain a beloved part of many libraries and personal collections.