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Lady Darby Books in Order (11 Book Series)

A Grave MatterA Brush with ShadowsA Perilous Perspective

Lady Darby is a series of 11 books written by Anna Lee Huber. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author of the Lady Darby book series?

      The author you are asking about is Anna Lee Huber. She is known for her historical fiction and mystery novels, especially the ones related to Lady Kiera Darby.

    • What's the buzz about the Lady Darby books?

      The Lady Darby books are a series of historical mystery novels. They tell the captivating story of Lady Kiera Darby, a young and widowed artist in 19th century Scotland, known for her sharp mind and talent in solving mysteries. Her partner in these mysteries is Sebastian Gage. Together they solve cases that often have a touch of romance, making these books a top pick for fans of both genres: historical romance and mystery.

    • What is the mystery in the Lady Darby book series?

      The Lady Darby series is a cozy mystery series that combines elements of romance, mystery, and historical fiction. The mystery in each book varies, but Lady Kiera Darby's intellect and her partnership with Sebastian Gage are the key elements driving the story and unravelling the mystery.

    • Is there an order to read the Lady Darby mystery books by the author Huber?

      Yes, there is a specific order to read the Lady Darby books to fully grasp the unfolding story and development of characters. Starting with "The Anatomist's Wife", the series progresses to "Mortal Arts", "A Grave Matter", "A Study in Death", and so on.

    • Are there any specific books by the author that are recommended for a book club read?

      "A Study in Death", part of the series, is a top pick for a book club read. It is the fourth book in the Lady Darby series and offers an intriguing blend of mystery, historical fiction, and romance.

    • Where can I buy the Lady Darby books by the author?

      You can find the Lady Darby books in several formats like hardcover, paperback, Kindle, and even audio books. They can be purchased from any major bookstore or online platform such as Amazon or Random House.

    • What is the preferred format to read the Lady Darby books?

      The Lady Darby series can be enjoyed in a variety of formats: hardcover, paperback, Kindle, and ebook formats. Some readers prefer to have the physical book to hold and shelve, while others enjoy the convenience of reading on a Kindle device or as ebooks. Some even like to listen to the story as audio books. It's really up to your personal shelf rate and menu shelve preferences.

    • Can I find book reviews of the Lady Darby book series online?

      Absolutely! There are plenty of book reviews available online for the Lady Darby series. Many readers and authors alike have shared their thoughts about these mystery, historical, and romance novels. In many cases, books like "A Study in Death" and "Mortal Arts" have received high praise.

    • How can I learn more about the author of the Lady Darby books?

      You can learn more about the author, Anna Lee Huber, and her other works on her official website or on various authors forums and book review sites on the internet. Don't forget to check out her other series too, like the Verity Kent and Gothic Myths, which are equally riveting.