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Julia Chapman Books in Order (7 Book Series)

Date with DangerDate with BetrayalDate with Death

Julia Chapman has written a series of 7 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    7 books in this series

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    • Who is Julia Chapman and what series of books is she known for?

      Julia Chapman is a renowned author known for her Dales Detective series. This series of mystery fiction novels has garnered a significant following for its unique blend of romance and detective work set against a charming backdrop in the Dales.

    • What is the order of Julia Chapman’s books in her cozy detective series?

      The author Julia Chapman has published multiple books in her cozy mystery series, the Dales Detective series. Starting from the first, they are: "Date with Death", "Date with Malice", "Date with Poison", and "Date with Danger". The latest in the series is "Date with Deceit".

    • Where can I find a comprehensive list of Julia Chapman’s books in order?

      You can find a comprehensive list of Julia Chapman's books on the Pan Macmillan website. It has an organized menu where you can view all the books in the Dales Detective series. Each book comes with a detailed description, so feel free to check them out!

    • How can I add Julia Chapman's books to my cart for purchase?

      To add Julia Chapman's books to your cart, simply go to the book's page on Amazon or Blackwell Book shop. Click on the paperback or hardcover version that suits you. Next, click on 'Add to Basket'. Do confirm your selection in the 'View Basket' section before proceeding to 'Basket Checkout'.

    • Are there any sampler volumes available for Julia Chapman's detective series?

      Yes, there is a sampler vol known as the "Dales Detective Sampler" available for Julia Chapman's detective series. It gives you a taste of the fiction before you dive into the full-length novels.

    • Can I read Julia Chapman's cozy detective series books on my Kindle?

      Yes, absolutely. The Dales Detective series books by Julia Chapman are available as Kindle cozy mystery eBooks. You can add them to your cart and purchase them directly from the Amazon Kindle store.

    • Can I find Julia Chapman's series books at my local bookstore?

      Yes, but the availability of Julia Chapman's series books will depend on the bookstore. Most good stores stock her books, but it's always faster to check online or call ahead. Don't forget to ask about shipping if the books aren't available locally!

    • What's the kids-friendly version of Julia Chapman's series?

      Julia Chapman’s series is primarily aimed at adults, given its mystery and romance themes. However, she’s also known for writing children's fiction under the pseudonym Julia Stagg. Just be sure to check the author's name and book details before adding them to your cart!

    • What other items can I add to my cart along with Julia Chapman's books?

      Along with Julia Chapman's books, you can also add related items like bookmarks, book covers, games, and cards to your cart. These can enhance your reading experience or make for great gifts for other fans of Julia's work.