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John Ellsworth Books in Order (40 Book Series)


John Ellsworth has written a series of 40 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    40 books in this series

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    • What do I need to know about author John Ellsworth and his legal thriller novels?

      Author John Ellsworth is well known for his legal thrillers. These books are rich with courtroom drama and feature some of the most intriguing characters in fiction. A lawyer himself, Ellsworth's writing gives us a unique and authentic look into the legal world.

    • Is there a specific order in which I should read the John Ellsworth books?

      For the most part, the order in which you read the John Ellsworth books is up to you. However, he does have series where the books should be read in order for the best understanding of the story and character development.

    • Which of John Ellsworth's books is considered a legal thriller?

      The Michael Gresham series by John Ellsworth is a popular legal thriller. The first book in this series is titled "Michael Gresham: The Lawyer".

    • Can I find John Ellsworth's books in order of publication online?

      Yes, you can find a list of John Ellsworth's books in order of publication on many book retailer websites. There, you will also find information such as the book's avg rating, price, and verified reviews.

    • What is the first book in the Michael Gresham series by John Ellsworth?

      The first book in the Michael Gresham series is called "Michael Gresham: The Lawyer". This legal thriller introduces us to the titular character, a defense lawyer with a sense of justice and a knack for getting his clients the best possible outcome.

    • Are there any other genres of fiction that John Ellsworth has written in, apart from legal thrillers?

      Apart from legal thrillers, John Ellsworth has also ventured into general fiction and romance. However, his legal thrillers, especially the Michael Gresham series, remain the most popular.

    • Is there a specific order to the Michael Gresham books?

      Yes, the Michael Gresham books do have a specific order. Following this order will help readers follow the progression of Michael Gresham's character and his legal career.

    • How does John Ellsworth's background as a lawyer influence his writing of legal fiction?

      As a lawyer, John Ellsworth has a deep understanding of the legal realm which greatly influences his writing. His books, especially the legal thrillers, are known for their realistic portrayal of the law, court proceedings, and the everyday life of a lawyer.

    • Where can I find reviews and ratings for John Ellsworth's books?

      Reviews and ratings for John Ellsworth's books can be found on various online platforms. Websites like Amazon and Goodreads provide verified reviews from readers, as well as an average rating for each book.