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John Connolly Books in Order (35 Book Series)


John Connolly has written a series of 35 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      John Connolly

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      John Connolly

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    • Who is the author behind the Parker books?

      The renowned author behind the Parker books is none other than John Connolly.

    • I've heard a lot about John Connolly's series. Could you tell me more about them?

      Of course! The series you're referring to is probably the detective Charlie Parker series, a thrilling collection of books that is a must-read. The series showcases Connolly's prowess as a bestselling author and has been a chart-topper on the York Times bestselling list.

    • What is the best way to read the John Connolly books in order?

      The best way to read john connolly books in order is to follow their publication order. You can find this list either in your Kindle publication section or in the menu shelve of your bookstore.

    • Can you give me a short review of John Connolly as an author?

      Without a doubt! John Connolly is an author par excellence. His ability to intertwine romance, thrillers, and fiction into a seamless tapestry of storytelling sets him apart. His books, especially the detective Charlie Parker series, are a testament to his skill. He's also dabbled in young adult fiction, further showcasing his versatility as an author.

    • What else has John Connolly written apart from his famous series?

      In addition to his well-known Parker series, Connolly has also penned a number of standalone books and short story collections. He has even ventured into the realm of non-fiction, with his Connolly non-fiction works receiving critical acclaim.

    • Can you tell me more about the private investigator in John Connolly's series?

      Yes, the private investigator in the John Connolly series is a character named Charlie Parker. He's a former police officer turned private detective, and the series follows his journey as he solves crimes, often dealing with elements of the supernatural.

    • How do I add John Connolly's books to my reading list?

      To add John Connolly's books to your reading list, simply look them up in your preferred bookstore or online platform, like Kindle. You'll find all of his works there, including his Charlie Parker thriller series, short story collections, and even his non-fiction works.

    • Can you recommend a John Connolly book for a young reader?

      Certainly! For young readers, I'd recommend starting with "The Gates," a book that blends adventure, humor and a bit of horror in a way that's accessible to a younger audience. It's the first book in one of his less-known series, but it's a great introduction to Connolly's writing.

    • I love thrillers with a killer twist. Which book from John Connolly should I read?

      If you're after a thriller with a killer twist, I'd recommend you read "Every Dead Thing", the first book of the Charlie Parker series. This book introduces the private investigator Charlie Parker, setting the stage for a series filled with suspense and unexpected turns.