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Charlie Parker Books in Order (22 Book Series)

A Game of GhostsA Book of BonesA Song of Shadows

Charlie Parker is a series of 22 books written by John Connolly. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 22 books


    • What is the correct charlie parker books order in order?

      To experience the progression of the gripping narrative carefully crafted by John Connolly, it's best to read the Charlie Parker series in the order of publication. This way, you will follow the events as they were intended and unravel the mystery in the sequence the author laid out.

    • Can you list the charlie parker series in order, including each novel?

      Sure, the Charlie Parker series should be read beginning with "Every Dead Thing", followed by the rest of the novels in chronological order of publication. We provide links to each book on Amazon for your convenience.

    • What titles make up the charlie parker series of novels?

      The Charlie Parker series consists of numerous gripping titles, commencing with "Every Dead Thing" and including many others that continue Charlie's dark adventures. We have a comprehensive list available, with each book linked to Amazon for easy access.

    • Where can I find all of the books in order for the charlie parker books series?

      You can find a list of all the books in order on our website. Each book in the Charlie Parker series is listed sequentially, and we offer links to view them on Amazon, making it simple for you to locate and enjoy the series.

    • I'm new to the charlie parker books. Who is the author?

      The Charlie Parker books are authored by the talented John Connolly. His masterful storytelling has captivated readers through this series, blending elements of mystery and the supernatural.

    • How can I get started with the charlie parker series by John Connolly?

      To start the series, just look for "Every Dead Thing" by John Connolly, which is the first novel in the Charlie Parker series. We've made it easy by providing a link directly to the book on Amazon. Simply visit our website and begin your journey into this compelling series.

    • For my reading list this month, I want to include a thriller. Is Charlie Parker the protagonist in all of John Connolly's books in this series?

      Yes, Charlie is the captivating and complex protagonist in each of the books within this engrossing series by John Connolly. If you're aiming to add a dose of mystery and suspense to your reading list this month, this series is a perfect choice. Each novel is tied to the previous one by the continuing narrative of Charlie's life and investigation and can be found with ease on Amazon via our site.