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Joanne Fluke Books in Order (53 Book Series)

A Match For MelissaA Husband for HollyA Match For Mother

Joanne Fluke is a series of 53 books written by 3 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 53 books
    1. 7
      Video Kill

      Video Kill

      Joanne Fluke

    2. 13
      Winter Kittens

      Winter Kittens

      Kathryn Kirkwood



    • Can you provide Joanne Fluke books in order?

      Certainly! Joanne Fluke's books, particularly her cozy mystery series featuring amateur sleuth Hannah Swensen, should be read in order to follow the character development and story arcs. The series kicks off with "Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder" and continues with novels set in the small town of Lake Eden, Minnesota. Each book reveals more about Hannah's life as she solves mysteries while running her bakery. For a complete list in series order, you can check out our menu's 'Authors' section where we link to the Joanne Fluke collections for your convenience.

    • Where can I find Joanne Fluke's series in chronological order?

      You can easily find Joanne Fluke's book series in the correct sequence on our website. Just go to the 'Series' menu, select 'Cozy Mysteries', and there you will see all her books listed in order. You'll be ready to dive into the charming world of Hannah Swensen and her Lake Eden bakery.

    • What makes Joanne Fluke's cozy mystery series so special?

      Joanne Fluke's cozy mystery series is a top pick among fans of the genre because it perfectly blends mouthwatering bakery treats with the intriguing sleuthing of her protagonist, Hannah Swensen. The Lake Eden setting adds to the cozy feel of the series, making it not just a thrilling read, but also a comforting one that's perfect for a holiday gift or a treat for oneself. Furthermore, readers who enjoy Leslie Meier's work often find a similar charm in Joanne Fluke's stories, as both authors create engaging mysteries with relatable characters.

    • How can I purchase a Joanne Fluke book for my Kindle?

      To purchase a Joanne Fluke Kindle publication, simply locate the book you desire on our website and click on the 'Add to Cart' button. This will redirect you to Amazon, where you can choose the Kindle option to download it to your device effortlessly.

    • Are there any similar authors to Joanne Fluke that fans of the series might enjoy?

      Yes, fans of Joanne Fluke might also enjoy the works of Leslie Meier, another author who writes cozy mystery novels often featuring amateur sleuths and small-town charm. Leslie Meier and Joanne Fluke share a similar storytelling style that appeals to readers who love cozy fiction. While we focus on Joanne Fluke on our site, we often see recommendations for Leslie Meier's books among readers who enjoy a similar style of cozy fiction.

    • Can I get a paperback copy of any Joanne Fluke books?

      Absolutely, along with the Kindle version, a series paperback edition of Joanne Fluke's novels is available. On our website, you can choose your preferred format, paperback or Kindle, and then 'Add to Cart' to proceed to Amazon for an easy checkout.

    • I'm looking for a book that combines mystery with a holiday theme; does Joanne Fluke's series in order include any of these?

      Joanne Fluke has several books in her series that merge cozy amateur sleuth mysteries with holidays, making them a perfect gift or addition to your own holiday reading list. Titles like "Sugar Cookie Murder" capture the essence of the season while delivering a compelling mystery to unravel. You can easily add these to your reading jar, ensuring a season filled with suspense and the warmth of Lake Eden's community spirit.