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Jennifer Crusie Books in Order (29 Book Series)


Jennifer Crusie is a series of 29 books written by 3 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 29 books
    1. 1


      Jennifer Crusie

    2. 3


      Jennifer Crusie

    3. 7

      Anyone But You

      Jennifer Crusie

    4. 11

      Crazy for You

      Jennifer Crusie

    5. 15

      Bet Me

      Jennifer Crusie

    6. 18

      Santa, Baby

      Jennifer Crusie

    7. 27

      Be Mine

      Jennifer Crusie

    8. 28

      Hot Toy

      A Story

      Jennifer Crusie

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    • Can you tell me about author Jennifer Crusie and her series of novels?

      Jennifer Crusie is a renowned author, specializing in contemporary romance novels. Her books are peppered with humor, heart, and quirky characters that often have readers coming back for more. Crusie’s books are not part of a series, but each standalone book offers a unique and captivating story.

    • I've heard there are companion novels in Jennifer Crusie's books, is that true?

      Yes, some of Crusie’s books are considered companion novels. For example, the characters from one book might appear in another, but each book can be read as a standalone novel. It's like a pleasant cross-over event for fans of Crusie’s author style.

    • What is the full list of Jennifer Crusie books in reading order?

      To get the full reading experience from Jennifer Crusie's books, it's recommended to read them in the order of their publication, starting from her first book, "Manhunting", right up to her latest release "Maybe This Time".

    • Tell me more about the book Liz Danger by Jennifer Crusie.

      There seems to be a slight misunderstanding. There is no book by Jennifer Crusie titled "Liz Danger". However, Crusie is known for creating strong, independent female protagonists in her novels like Minerva Dobbs in "Bet Me" and Andie Miller in "Maybe This Time".

    • What awards has Jennifer Crusie won for her books?

      Jennifer Crusie has been honored with multiple awards for her novels. One notable award is the RITA Award for Best Contemporary Single Title for her book Bet Me.

    • Can you help me find Jennifer Crusie books for my Kindle?

      Absolutely! Most of Crusie's novels are available for Kindle publication. You can do a quick add of her books to your wishlist, or purchase them directly on the Amazon Kindle store.

    • I'm new to Jennifer Crusie's works. What's the avg rating of her books?

      Jennifer Crusie's books typically receive high avg ratings, often falling between 3.5 and 4.5 out of 5 stars on platforms like Goodreads. Fans frequently praise her witty dialogue, relatable characters, and engaging storylines.

    • How can I see a full review of Jennifer Crusie's books?

      You can find full reviews of Crusie's books on many online platforms. Websites like Goodreads or Amazon will often have hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews for each book. You can read full reviews and get a sense of the review types - from brief star ratings to in-depth analyses.

    • Who is Jenny Crusie? Is she related to Jennifer Crusie?

      Jenny Crusie and Jennifer Crusie are indeed the same person. Jenny is a nickname for Jennifer, and Crusie often uses both names interchangeably in her writing and online presence.