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Jeffrey Archer Books in Order (48 Book Series)

A Prison DiaryA Matter of HonourA Prisoner of Birth

Jeffrey Archer has written a series of 48 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 48 books
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      Four Warned

      Jeffrey Archer

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    • Can you provide a list of Jeffrey Archer books in order?

      Absolutely, Jeffrey Archer's books should ideally be read in the order of their publication year. Starting from his debut novel "Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less" to his latest release "Turn a Blind Eye". Remember that Jeffrey Archer's books are a mixture of standalone novels, series books, and collections of short stories.

    • What are some of the best series by Jeffrey Archer?

      There are several series penned by the bestselling author Jeffrey Archer. Standouts include the "Kane and Abel" series, the "Clifton Chronicles" series, and the "William Warwick" series. The order of the series books is critical for understanding the progression of the story.

    • I'm an audiobook fan. Is there any chance I can speechify Jeffrey Archer books?

      Yes, indeed. Many of Jeffrey Archer's books have been turned into audiobooks and are available on platforms such as Audible. You can listen to them in the same order as the print versions for consistency.

    • I just picked up a Jeffrey Archer book, but it's part of a series. How do I know the correct order to read them?

      It's important to read Jeffrey Archer's series books in the right order to follow the plot correctly. You can check the publication year on the book or look it up online. Most of Archer's books will have a list of his other works, usually in the order they were published.

    • I heard that Jeffrey Archer also writes short stories. Is that true?

      Absolutely! Apart from his magnificent novels, Jeffrey Archer has also authored several short stories. Many of these have been released as digital shorts, which you can conveniently read on your Kindle or any other e-reader.

    • Can you suggest where to find Jeffrey Archer books online?

      Jeffrey Archer's books can be found on numerous online platforms, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Macmillan, among others. Ensure you're purchasing or downloading them in the correct order, especially if it's a series.

    • I am a student studying English Literature and I am using a Jeffrey Archer book as a reference. Can I counter online grammar and use a title generator for my paper?

      While Jeffrey Archer's books are excellent examples of general fiction, using an online grammar tool and a title generator might not provide you with the best outcome for your paper. It's always better to read and understand the material, then write in your own words.

    • How often does Jeffrey Archer release new books?

      Jeffrey Archer has been a prolific author over the years. While there's no fixed schedule, he has consistently released new books and short stories nearly every year. You can join his newsletter or follow him on social media to keep up-to-date with his latest releases.

    • Are all Jeffrey Archer books fiction?

      While Jeffrey Archer is best known for his fictional novels and series, he has also written a few non-fiction books. His prison diaries, written during his time in prison, are a noteworthy departure from his usual genre. However, the majority of his works remain within the realm of fiction.