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Jean M Auel Books in Order (6 Book Series)


Jean M Auel has written a series of 6 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Jean Auel and what is this book series you're talking about?

      Jean M. Auel is a prominent author known for her historical fiction novels that revolve around prehistoric times. Her most popular work is the Earth's Children series, which is a collection of six books. Historical Earth, as many refer to it, is a captivating journey into a time long ago, filled with mystery, romance and intriguing characters.

    • What is the proper order to read Auel's books in?

      To fully appreciate the chronology and character development in Auel's series, they should be read in the following order: "The Clan of the Cave Bear", "The Valley of Horses", "The Mammoth Hunters", "The Plains of Passage", "The Shelters of Stone", and "The Land of Painted Caves". Book refresh is recommended if you're picking up a sequel after a long gap, just to make sure the storyline is book clear in your mind.

    • How many books by Jean does the Penguin publishing house have in print?

      Penguin Random House, a major publishing company, has all of Jean's six novels from the Earth’s Children series in print. This includes both hardcover and paperback formats. They also offer digital versions for those who prefer Kindle.

    • What are the recurring themes that Jean Auel uses in her books?

      Jean Auel's books explore themes of survival, cultural and societal evolution, and interpersonal relationships. Her lead character, Ayla, finds herself in a myriad of situations, dealing with the Clan, her adoptive family, her struggle for independence, and her romance with Jondalar. The books also deeply delve into the relationship between humans and their environment in prehistoric times.

    • I have children who love to read. Are Auel's books suitable for them?

      Auel's books are historical novels filled with rich details about life during prehistoric times. They contain complex themes and some adult content, which might not be suitable for young children. However, for teenagers and young adults with a keen interest in history and anthropology, these books could be a fascinating read.

    • What kind of fiction do Jean Auel's books fall under?

      Jean Auel's books belong to the genre of historical fiction. They skillfully blend facts and fiction to create a vivid picture of life in prehistoric times. The author's meticulously researched details about survival skills, hunting techniques, and societal norms of the Clan add an element of authenticity to the novels.

    • Is there a way for me to get additional information about Jean Auel's books?

      Indeed! You can sign up for newsletters from the publisher, Bantam, for regular updates about Jean Auel's books. Additionally, you could also visit her official website for more information. Don't forget to check out the reply section for answers to common questions from readers.

    • What was Jean Auel's first book and when was it published?

      Jean Auel's first book was "The Clan of the Cave Bear", which was published in 1980. This book sets the foundation for the Earth's Children series, introducing readers to Ayla, a young girl who is adopted by the Clan after her own people perish.

    • Has Jean Auel written any other pieces apart from the Earth's Children series?

      Apart from the six books in the Earth's Children series, Jean Auel has also written a short story titled "The Mammoth Hunters: The Missing Chapters". This piece provides additional insight into the lives of Ayla and the Clan. It's a must-read for fans of the series!