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Jasper Fforde Books in Order (16 Book Series)


Jasper Fforde has written a series of 16 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 16 books
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    16 books in this series

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    • Who is this author named Jasper Fforde, what genres does he write in, and what awards has he won?

      Author Jasper Fforde is primarily known for his work in the literary fiction and fantasy genres. He's also dabbled in romance and young adult fiction. His novels have earned him a plethora of awards, further solidifying his status in the literary world.

    • Can you tell me anything about the various series Jasper Fforde has written?

      Absolutely! Jasper Fforde's books vary across a number of series, each with their own unique themes and styles. There's the "Thursday Next" series which is a delightful blend of fantasy, literary fiction, and humor. Then there's the "Nursery Crime" series and the "Shades of Grey" series. Fforde has also written standalone novels like "The Constant Rabbit".

    • What are some of the most recent novels of this author?

      Fforde's most recent novel is "The Constant Rabbit," a standalone book set in Jasperland, a world where anthropomorphic rabbits and humans coexist. He has also written a novel titled "Early Riser" set in a world where humans hibernate.

    • Could you please add the "Thursday Next" series to my wishlist quick?

      Sure! The "Thursday Next" series has been wishlist added. Remember, you can always review the books in your wishlist and decide whether you'd like to keep them there or not.

    • What do the book covers of Jasper Fforde's novels look like?

      The book covers of author Jasper Fforde's work are quite unique. Most often, they're vibrant and whimsical, reflecting the intriguing combination of fantasy and literary fiction found within the pages.

    • How can I buy Jasper Fforde's books in order?

      To buy Jasper Fforde's books in publication order, you can go to any major online bookseller and search for his name. Make sure to check the published details of each novel to ensure you're getting them in the correct order. Most websites have a "buy order" option that can make this process easier.

    • I added a Jasper Fforde book to my wishlist, but I have changed my mind. Can it be removed?

      Absolutely! It has now been wishlist removed. Remember, the "wishlist removed" function is always available for any books you change your mind about.

    • How's the readability of Jasper Fforde's books on Kindle?

      Jasper Fforde's novels, whether fantasy, literary fiction, or young adult, are all available as Kindle books. They're well-formatted for the device, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable reading experience.

    • What should I do if I've lost one of the books in my series?

      If you've lost a book in a series, don't worry! You can undertake a quick add to your wishlist, so the next time you're ready to make a purchase, the lost book is readily available for you! Just remember to specify whether you prefer a paperback or Kindle version!